ARVOO Presents the Axxess Ruby Long Range AI ANPR Camera

Ultimate precision at extended distances

Ideal for barrierless Parking Access Control & Enforcement

Discover unparalleled accuracy and versatility with the latest addition to our Axxess Ruby range.

The Long Range variant, now available alongside our Standard Range model, offers exceptional performance for free flow solutions, extending the reach from 12 meters up to an impressive 25 meters.

Ideal for barrierless Parking Access Control & Enforcement, our advanced virtual line software eliminates the need for traditional in-road loops, providing seamless and efficient vehicle recognition.

Axxess Ruby Long RangeKey features:

  • Dual 8.3MP sembedded AI processing and OCT software
  • Market leading read performance 99.98%
  • Exceptional AI text filtering
  • Automatic vehicle classification
  • Simple install and configurationensors (visible and IR) with lossless digital zoom / focus
  • Advanced 
  • PoE+ (12W average when LED's run constantly)
  • Optional non-subject blurring

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our Sales Team, Reinier Dörr, Martijn Oostdam, Jurriaan Taat, Simon Jarvis or send an email to sales(at)

Axxess Ruby Long Range

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ARVOO was founded in 1993 as an engineering firm specializing in automatic image and signal processing by computers. Over time, the company has further evolved, including the integration of artificial intelligence. This thirty years of experience and passion for image processing technology make ARVOO a unique company within the industry. ARVOO has a team of innovative hardware and software developers who continuously collaborate on new applications and products. Market demand guides their development efforts, ensuring that the team aligns with the needs of the market. Since ARVOO develops both the hardware and software in-house, the lines of communication are short, enabling rapid response to customer preferences and requirements.


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