Automated Valet apps do the job without tricks and gimmicks

The world of smart phone apps is growing exponentially. Thousands of new apps are created each week and all serve some useful purpose for those who choose to install them. While the market grows, the quality of the apps created by some programmers is better than others. And not only are there differences in quality, but in legitimacy as well.

Many apps are not approved for use on Apple and other systems and they must be installed using questionable methods. A practice called jailbreaking installs apps without proper permissions and procedures. Users might think they are getting a break installing an unapproved app, but they are actually jeopardizing their warranties on their phone or hardware device.

Automated Valet creates legitimate and Apple approved apps for iPhones, iPods, and other mobile devices. Its operating system, AVPM can be run by apps with many different combinations of tools and technology. All Automated Valet apps complete the work they are promised to do working properly without jeopardizing the hardware warranty.
We are not spending our time and our customers money making games, says Automated Valet Founder and CEO Ken Gulec. We are serious about making our apps the best in the parking industry and that is why they do not come with games and they are all Apple approved. Its a matter of integrity for us.

Gulec says apps are the most current technological tool for valet parking operations. They are quick to install and apply to the work of valet parking. They do not come with heavy equipment that will need repair and replacement but will stand the test of time as smart phones evolve. In the future, updates will be available and easily installed.

All AVPM capabilities can be managed through readily available apps created by Automated Valet. We take our job seriously and we are delivering our promise: the most innovative solution ever built for the valet parking industry, Gulec says. Our system works in almost every single environment and every possible scenario in the most successful way.Gulec says his team is ready to take on any challenge from operators in the valet industry. We can make our system work in even the most difficult settings and we look forward to the challenge, he says. It will only make us better.
AVPM, the only valet parking application of its kind. For more information visit or


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