BeSite Shares Tips for Improving Flow at Your Parking Location

Four Tips For a Quick Flow at Your Parking Facility

Staffing, Signing, Reservations and Correct Information all contribute to quick flow.

In this article, we will share what is important for allowing motorists to quickly move around a parking location. Whether the parking location is covered or not, these tips will certainly help you. This is an excellent guide for anyone who already operates, or will operate a parking location.

Tip 1: The Parking Attendant(s)

A parking attendant can considerably speed up the entry and exit at your parking location. Here are some reasons why:

  • Drivers entry, because the payment process can be faster. The parking attendant also ensures that drivers know that they can drive in and are therefore not looking for a parking space;
  • Parking the cars, because a parking attendant keeps the overview and manages to park cars most quickly.
  • Motorists drive out because a parking attendant can guide the traffic flow when leaving the parking garage. Please note: a parking attendant is not a traffic controller.

Tip 2: Book in Advance

Screenshot of Groningen Airport parking reservation software.

By having motorists reserve a parking ticket in advance, you ensure a significant acceleration of the influx. Checking the QR code on a parking ticket can now also take place quickly because the scan apps or equipment has been improved.

Because motorists have already paid for a parking ticket online, that is no longer necessary if they want to drive out. This not only improves the traffic flow but also the motorist's experience. BeSite builds parking webshops for its customers. Curious about this? Take a look at our website.

Tip 3: Clear Signing Aerial view of a parking lot with yellow lines marking bays and a yellow beetle car

Clear signing is important to attract and retain customers. You should not only use signing to guide people to your parking location but also at the location itself to ensure that traffic flows smoothly. You are not always in control of signing outside your parking location, but you can influence the local government. But what can you do about signing at your parking location? 

  • Provide clear traffic signs on the road surface of your parking location;
  • Mark the parking spaces clearly. Make a distinction between electric and non-electric parking spaces;
  • Do not always work standard with the color white for signing;
  • Work with light to speed up the flow

Tip 4: Correct Information

Correct information to speed up the flow? What should you think about? I have summarized that  Grey pillars in a parking garage, stenciled with the letter C.for you:

  • Indicate through signing what the headroom of your parking location is;
  • Walking time to the important locations around your parking location. As a result, the driver knows what to expect and will, therefore, make his choice to park with you faster;
  • Ensure that the motorist can find his car again by working with posts, signs or applications.

I am very curious if this article has helped you! You can find more about our parking services on our site.


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