Bluetop Solar Parking Offer Insight Into Green Parking on Parking Talks

Ole Gregersen, CEO of Bluetop Solar Parking

In our latest Parking Talks, we heard from industry experts about a growing market within the parking industry – EV charging and green solutions. Ole Gregersen, CEO of Bluetop Solar Parking joined the discussion to share insight into the topic, as well as some of the significant benefits of solar car parking, not just for the environment, but also for parking users and operators.

Ole, Can You Tell Us What Bluetop Solar Parking Do?

“At Bluetop Solar Parking we are concerned with solar carports and solar parking. We see solar parking as a complete concept, where you combine different applications, not only to cover cars but also to provide a better customer experience. And of course, parking operators can combine the savings made on electricity with other revenue sources to provide more services. You can take a look through our Bluetop brochure for more information about Bluetop.”

Car parking lot with solar panel carports.

We See That You Work with Airports, Is There a Need Within This Niche for Green Parking?

“Of course, all airports need to reduce their carbon footprint, and we see that increasingly, every day. And, I think that if you can combine reducing the carbon footprint with a bit of customer experience then it is a double win for the airport. It is very beneficial to use parking areas to make these green initiatives visible for the client, as it helps to position the parking operator as environmentally friendly. Combining business needs and sustainability needs is an easy way to create double or even treble wins.”

Carport above a row of parked cars.

How Will the Increased Demand for Green Parking Solutions Change the Face of Conventional Parking?

“We will progressively face the need to increase the number of EV chargers in our parking areas, that is quite clear. And this will naturally give you the opportunity to combine with EV charging with other solutions and services, such as indoor and outdoor guidance installations, for example.

“What you will also see, in terms of electrical infrastructure, is that due to increased demand, the volume of electricity will rise, and with it, of course, investment in electrical infrastructure, such as cables. Of course, you can reduce the requirements for cabling by making more production of electricity from solar and from wind, and if you can do that onsite it is a big advantage. So, in the next stage, we will begin to see microgrids onsite at airports for example, where they can harvest and even store electricity, so they can use electricity where they are actually producing it.”

“And then of course, where you have these new investments, then you can also look at the possibility to actually turn them into a part of the daily business. You can save money on electricity, and gain a little more revenue from the parking fee because covering your parking area as we suggest makes it more attractive and secure.”

What Can We Expect from Bluetop This Year?

"Well, we have already developed structures for all purposes and requirements, with different designs tailored to each. So you will see more projects coming up with new systems, and systems that we have already developed."

To hear more from Ole, and for insights from EVBox and Circontrol you can watch the Parking Talks in full:

About Bluetop Solar ParkingBluetop Logo

Bluetop specializes in the development and production of solar carport systems. We provide aesthetic design, good craftsmanship, and eco-friendly solutions. Our philosophy is a dedication to continuous conceptualization and innovation. That is the reason why we are able to integrate and partly hide all applications into our carports.

We strongly believe in a future with the global use of much more building integrated photovoltaic and other sustainable energy sources. By combining functions owners get enhanced reasons to be part of a great global development.


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