Temperature Differences no Problem for Car Park in Zwolle

Car Park Katwolder Square

Car Park in Zwolle

With the construction of a new car park at Katwolder Square, Zwolle City Council wants to meet an increased demand for parking. About 500 spaces in the car park are intended to relieve parking pressure in the city centre, a further more than 200 spaces are to accommodate additional parking demand due to local building projects. The car park should also contribute to reducing traffic on the inner ring of Zwolle. Bolidt was contracted by construction firm BAM to install the flooring in the new car park and provided advice on how to prevent problems due to the formation of cracks in the concrete subfloor caused by thermal stress.

Special attention

Prior to construction of the car park, the client had set high requirements for the appearance of the building as well as for its energy efficiency and durability. The building with one underground and five aboveground levels offers parking for about 720 vehicles. A number of floors are exposed to the elements, which required special attention from Bolidt.

Temperature differences

For the floors that are exposed to sunlight, Bolidt recommended using a crack-bridging flooring system. The warmth of the sun can cause differences in temperature across the surface of the concrete subfloor, which can result in the formation of cracks. Mechanical loading can also lead to the formation of cracks. The crack-bridging flooring system ensures that any possible cracks in the concrete structure will not cause problems in the Boligrip® system. As the client did not want to take any chances, the decision to choose Bolidt was preceded by a study phase involving SGS Intron, Zwolle City Council, contractor BAM and Bolidt.

NEN 1602-7

The crack-bridging system as installed by Bolidt in the Katwolder Square project conforms to Class B3.2 according to the requirements set out in NEN-EN 1062-7: Paints and varnishes – Coating materials and coating systems for exterior masonry and concrete – Part 7: Determination of crack bridging properties.

This flooring system has a crack-bridging capacity up to at least 0.35 mm. This applies not only to existing cracks, but also to new cracks that may form in the subfloor after the flooring system has been installed.

The flooring system has been tested for 20,000 cycles with crack openings ranging from 0.1 to 0.3 mm at a frequency of 0.03 Hz (approx. once per 33 sec.) and a temperature of -10°C. An additional displacement of about 0.05 mm representing the day and night rhythm was also applied on top of this at a frequency of 1 Hz.z.

Bolidt also has crack-bridging systems that conform to Class B2 (cracks up to at least 0.15 mm) and Class B4.2 (cracks up to at least 0.55 mm).

Specific properties

As a specialist in synthetic car park flooring, Bolidt offers a range of flooring systems, each with specific properties for specific areas. In addition to the crack-bridging flooring system, Boligrip® 200-R, which is highly resistant to car tyre traffic, was thus chosen for the driving lanes. The parking bay areas were finished with Boligrip® 200-P. This system not only offers excellent resistance to heavy mechanical loads, it also offers numerous advantages in everyday use. Its fresh appearance, for instance, immediately gives visitors a sense of safety. Its slip resistant quality ensures that drivers can safely get out of their car, without the risk of slipping. And the use of colour can help forgetful visitors find their car more easily. These are all aspects that Bolidt is also happy to provide input on.

About BolidtBolidt Construction Company

Bolidt is the ultimate specialist in synthetic flooring for garage businesses. Bolidt understands that the automotive industry sets strict requirements for aspects such as assembly, maintenance, repairs and sales. Garage owners require a floor that prevents environmentally-harmful substances such as petrol, oil and diesel from permeating the substrate. Falling tools and high mechanical loads must not cause any problems either.

Bolidt has over 50 years' experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic flooring, and is a frequently sought-after partner for companies in the automotive industry worldwide. Garage businesses rely on Bolidt's innovative flooring because of its exceptional functional qualities such as high mechanical and chemical resistance, long service life, ease of maintenance and aesthetics.


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