Logistical Challenges With 22,000m² of Bolidt Floors for Forum Groningen

Bolidt Floors for Forum Groningen

The city center of Groningen in the Netherlands is renewed and you can clearly see it on the east side of the market place - the Grote Markt. The new buildings on the east wall are closer to the square and behind the east wall a new square has been created: the Nieuwe Markt (new market). Here you can also find the Forum; a spectacular public building of ten floors, designed by NL Architects. The floors in the Forum have been laid by Bolidt, just like those of the underlying parking garage and bicycle parking. A feat of logistics, given the very limited space on the construction site.

Historical City Center

The Forum offers a variety of (inter)national exhibitions, films, documentaries, debates, literary events, talk shows and presentations, seven days a week. In addition to the library and movie theaters, the Forum also houses Storyworld and the Groninger Store (formerly the VVV (tourist information center)). On the top floor is a ski lounge with restaurant and a rooftop terrace with views over the historic city center. NL Architects, together with BAM and the Municipality of Groningen, selected Bolidt to install over 10,000 m2 of floor systems in the Forum.

Low Maintenance, Easy to Clean

The choice for Bolidt floors was partly inspired by their sustainable and low-maintenance nature. Day in day out, throughout the week, the building receives thousands of visitors. Even on Saturday evening at 11 pm there are still plenty of students at work. The floors must therefore be optimally resistant to intensive use and, moreover, easy to clean; requirements that the Bolidtop® 525 floor system is able to meet.

Parking Garage Parking Garage

Below the Forum is a large parking garage for around 380 cars. A special feature is the enormous Wervel artwork that can be seen here. Bolidt installed over 12,000 m2 of Boligrip® floor systems here. The lower floor was fitted with a vapor-open Boligrip® floor system. As a result, any water vapor from the groundwater can effortlessly pass through the floor, so that no water accumulates, thus preventing blistering in the synthetic floor. Conversely, the innovative flooring system prevents harmful substances, such as fuel, from penetrating and attacking concrete. The garage is managed by Interparking. No unknown party for Bolidt, we have already collaborated in the successful realization of the Interparking car parks Helicon (The Hague) and Boulevard (Scheveningen). Last year, Bolidt also realized innovative floor systems for dozens of parking garages in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany for other clients.

Parking Garage Direction In Their Own Hands

In addition to the earthquake resistance of the building, one of the biggest challenges was the very limited space on the construction site in the historic city center. Special measures were required in order not to hinder the construction process, to prevent inconvenience and to guarantee safety. These measure included preferred routes for suppliers and the use of a satellite construction site for the storage of building materials. An advantage here is that Bolidt controls the entire chain of operation and can thus optimize logistical planning. The material is produced in our own factory, transported by Bolidt and delivered on site by our own specialists. Bolidt is not dependent on external parties, which means it can operate extremely efficiently in all areas. Now that the project has been completed, visitors can use a remarkable, earthquake-resistant building with a comfortable, safe and attractive parking garage.

About BolidtBolidt Construction Company

Bolidt is the ultimate specialist in synthetic flooring for garage businesses. Bolidt understands that the automotive industry sets strict requirements for aspects such as assembly, maintenance, repairs, and sales. Garage owners require a floor that prevents environmentally-harmful substances such as petrol, oil, and diesel from permeating the substrate. Falling tools and high mechanical loads must not cause any problems either.

Bolidt has over 50 years' experience in the development, production, and application of synthetic flooring, and is a frequently sought-after partner for companies in the automotive industry worldwide. Garage businesses rely on Bolidt's innovative flooring because of its exceptional functional qualities such as high mechanical and chemical resistance, long service life, ease of maintenance and aesthetics.


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