Brazil: Yearning for parking

Car sales in Brazil continue on the rise and the parking sector demands structural and administrative solutions

Brazil was recently listed as the world’s 4th country in terms of car sales according to JATO Dynamics. The study includes sales figures from January to April of 2013; a period in which the country experienced a 4.2% growth compared to the previous year. The consequences are clearly on the streets of the Brazil’s largest metropolises, like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro: bumper-to-bumper traffic, structural shortcomings in access roads and a shortage of parking facilities.

According to André Piccolli, the president of the Brazilian Parking Association, Abrapark, Brazil’s parking industry is relatively young and has only developed and professionalized over the last 50 years. “During this period, the sector has evolved and grown significantly. Today it plays a major role in the mobility and development of major cities, although it has not yet achieved the same level of importance and recognition we see in other markets,” he explains. According to the president, the sector has become more professional, investing in training of staff, technology, architectural design and offering its clients better services.

In addition to undergoing economic and structural changes, Brazil’s boom over the last ten years has generated an impact on the parking sector. “Twelve years ago, we had one car per 5.82 inhabitants. In 2011, we had one car per 2.78 inhabitants. In 2012, the fleet grew another 4.6%,” explains Piccolli.

Parking is key for the economic development of cities and for urban mobility. Cities that have their transportation issue well addressed, or rather, that have sufficient parking and an adequate supply of alternative transportation, such as public transit, are undoubtedly cities where the population enjoys a higher quality of life.”
Expo Parking 2013
Studies conducted of the last 100 years, show that 34% of cars circulating in urban centers are looking for a parking space. This causes everything from traffic jams to increased accidents; higher pollution levels and even raises the issue of sustainability. The third Expo Parking, will take place in São Paulo on December 3rd, 4th and 5th, and will bring together the professionals from the parking industry. The exhibition includes vendors of equipment and solutions for on- and off-street parking such as Digicon, Easy park, Horaod, HUB Parking, Jorbee, Kapatron, Nagels, Nepos, Parkeon, Parkhelp, Toledo and Versul.  The conference includes presentations, discussions and debates by leading parking industry experts.


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