New CWT Compact installations in Sweden, Spain and Poland

First CWT Compact installation in Poland

In February, Cale Polska won a tender for an installation project in the town of Chrzanóv.

Cale CWT Compact Poland

In February 2013, Cale Polska won a tender for an installation project in the town of Chrzanóv. The project is particularly exciting as it is the first time that the new generation CWT Compact is to be used in Poland.

The town of Chrzanóv has 40,000 inhabitants and is located on a mountain range in the region of “Kraków - Częstochowa Jura” in the southern part of Poland. The region attracts many tourists, as the mountains are made of limestone and have many caves and cliffs. The area is also home to the only desert in Central Europe, the so-called Bledów Desert.

Many castles are built on the Jura, the so-called Adlerhorst castles. Since the 1400s, these have made it possible to communicate quickly using light and smoke signals, all the way from Kraków to Częstochowa. Today, communication is much more sophisticated, and, consequently, the customer required CWO 2 to be included in the order .

Large installation with exciting features in Ponferrada, Spain

Cale is delighted to announce the installation of more than 100 CWT Compact terminals in the city of Ponferrada.

Cale CWT Compact - Spain        Cale CWT Compact - Spain        Cale CWT Compact - Spain

The terminals, ordered on a rental basis by the private operator Empark, were taken into operation in the city of Ponferrada in the middle of April. The terminals are configured for coin payment and they have been specially adapted to allow integration with a local city card. This adaptation is built on the flexible interface card from Cale, which makes this kind of integration relatively easy.

This is an interesting installation, as lots of new technology is being used:

  • Contactless card payment using Mifare technology.
  • Top-up functionality for the Mifare card directly from the terminal.
  • Number plate identification, where the possibility exists to use various car registration numbers.
  • Electronic fine-cancellation, meaning that the fine is cancelled if you go to the terminal within a certain period of time and pay an amount that is lower than the fine.

One large benefit of this solution is that it is scalable, and the idea is that the customer will eventually add ANPR enforcement, mobile payment and the possibility to pay via the Internet. The customer is moving towards ticketless parking and is aiming to offer the most modern parking solution available in Spain.

Network installation for multi-storey car park in Sweden

Installation of CWT Compact will soon take place in a large multi-storey car park in the northern parts of Sweden. The multi-storey car park provides 700 parking places, all equipped with a block heater.

Cale CWT Compact - Sweden

Cale has won a tender from the municipality of Luleå for the delivery of a parking system for the Karpen multi-storey car park. The terminals are connected in a network and will replace the existing barrier system. They are intended for post-payment but it will also be possible to pay in advance (normal procedure) or using contactless cards. The functionality used is “Post-Payment Step” as described below. This installation will be the first post-payment installation with CWT Compact terminals connected in a network in Sweden.

Post-Payment Step

Traditional POST-PAYMENT is a procedure where you insert your card in the terminal when you arrive (checkin). When you leave the car park, you insert your card again to finish your parking session (check-out). You only pay for the time used.

With POST-PAYMENT STEP, you indicate the time for which you think you will be parking by stepping up the time. When you get back, you just take your car and drive away – no need to check out. If you get back earlier, you insert your card again and you will be checked out automatically. Post-payment is a very fair way of charging, as you never need to pay for time “just in case”. However, post-payment step is better still, as it eliminates the risk of you forgetting to check out (and having to pay the maximum fee).


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