Luleå, Sweden, first for post-payment solution

The installation, by the municipality of Luleå, is unique, as it is the first post-payment installation in the world where CWT Compact terminals are being used.

The terminals are installed in a multistorey car park in northern Sweden. Customers pay using a special contactless card, and the solution will soon be ticketless, in that customers will be identified by entering their registration number.

Enforcement is to commence using CWT 2 Mobile, and the plan is that Luleå will use Cale’s Smartpark solution in the near future.

More information about the installation:

Network installation for multi-storey car park in SwedenCale installation in Sweden

Installation of CWT Compact will soon take place in a large multi-storey car park in the northern parts of Sweden. The multi-storey car park provides 700 parking places, all equipped with a block heater.

Cale has won a tender from the municipality of Luleå for the delivery of a parking system for the Karpen multi-storey car park. The terminals are connected in a network and will replace the existing barrier system. They are intended for post-payment but it will also be possible to pay in advance (normal procedure) or using contactless cards. The functionality used is “Post-Payment Step” as described below.

This installation will be the first post-payment installation with CWT Compact terminals connected in a network in Sweden.

Fredrik Olsson and Kid Larsson

Fredrik Olsson and Kid Larsson

Some facts on Post Payment:

Traditional POST-PAYMENT is a procedure where you insert your card in the terminal when you arrive (check-in). When you leave the car park, you insert your card again to finish your parking session (check-out). You only pay for the time used.

With POST-PAYMENT STEP, you indicate the time for which you think you will be parking by stepping up the time. When you get back, you just take your car and drive away – no need to check out. If you get back earlier, you insert your card again and you will be checked out automatically.

Post-payment is a very fair way of charging, as you never need to pay for time “just in case”. However, post-payment step is better still, as it eliminates the risk of you forgetting to check out (and having to pay the maximum fee).

About CaleCale

Cale is a Swedish company founded in 1955 and specializing in products for parking. Cale has become one of the leading suppliers of advanced and flexible pay & display machines in the world. This is the result of our dynamic product development, additional services and worldwide network of resellers. It all started with mechanical parking meters and has continued to the highly advanced tickets issuing machines that they produce today. With the experience they have gained over the years, they are today in a position where their products have been installed in about 35 countries around the world. This presence in many different markets, all with varying requirements, gives them broad experience that they use in the development of all new products.


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