New products and functionality from Cale with the June 2013 release!

- Kista, Sweden, EU

Post-Payment for the CWT and CWO 2

Post-payment is a function that has been much appreciated since it was first introduced in the MP 104 terminals connected to Cale WebOffice 1 in Scandinavia. With Cale’s June 2013 release, post-payment will also be available for our CWT terminals and Cale WebOffice 2. The major benefit of a post-payment system is the effective payment flow, where the end user checks in at arrival and out at departure, or pre-sets an automatic check-out amount or time. Post-payment allows for shorter purchase times at the terminals, and the customer only pays for the actual time parked.

Apart from the benefits to the end user, Cale is also introducing enhanced functionality for parking authorities and operators. Among these are: wireless networks without size limitations, check in/out in different zones and ticketless parking using registration number input. The current CWO 1 manual check-out feature has been extended in CWO 2 to include the possibility of adding a service fee, as well as the option of sending an electronic receipt.

CWT Compact

Upgraded door for the CWT Compact

In order to improve the usability of our CWT Compact, especially for markets with strict disability requirements, we have adjusted the placement of the card reader and PIN-pad units to allow for a better angle of the PIN-pad display. As a part of this upgrade, Cale also chose to flushmount the area for contactless devices, giving the terminal a more modern look.

Increased system security

To meet the increasing demands for high levels of security, not just mechanically, but also for the complete system, Cale is now PA-DSS certified. Cale has also been Level 1 PCI-DSS certified since 2008.

Faster communication for the CWT 2100 series

In February 2013, Cale introduced a new 3G modem for the CWT Compact. We are delighted to report that, with the introduction of a new antenna, our CWT 2100 range of terminals is now also compatible with the new modem. Terminals already installed with the older antenna can easily be upgraded with a new antenna and modem on-site.

Additional features for Cale customers

In addition to the new products and features previously mentioned, Cale will also introduce an array of new functionalities for our CWT terminals connected to CWO 2.

Here are just a few:

  • Central Top-Up: Centralised top-up functionality for Cale terminals, using code payment. Topping-up is done by entering a code printed on the ticket.
  • Top-up at terminal for contactless cards: Possibility to top-up your e-purse or Cale Contactless Card contract at the terminal. Card history with latest card balance can now also be tracked via CWO 2, to facilitate card replacement should a user lose their card.
  • Scheduled export of CWO 2 reports: Enables automated and scheduled export of customised CWO 2 reports to e-mail addresses of the client’s choice. Reports are exported in an Excel format or as a link to a CWO 2 URL.
  • Extended measurement data in CWO 2: It is now possible to view more detailed CWT measurement data in CWO 2. New measurements include modem signal strength, battery voltage, main board temperature, SD card memory usage, sleep current and termination board temperature.

CWT terminals

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Cale was founded more than 55 years ago. Our products for parking, public transport and entry fees can be found in more than 40 countries around the world.

Today, we market our own integrated high-tech solutions for unattended parking and other entry-fee systems.
Our products are often part of a total concept in which we supply a large portfolio of services. We offer the tools and services you need to simplify ticket processing, accounting, maintenance, operation and administration. Many of our solutions use modern communications technology, the Internet and GPRS, offering unique opportunities for support and advanced administration of various electronic payment systems such as credit cards. Our goal is to ensure our customers the highest possible efficiency at the lowest possible cost – today and in the future.

Cale has companies in Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Norway, the UK, the US, France and Germany with representatives from Mexico to New Zealand.


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