Came presents a new evolution for PS One, the innovative web-based automatic parking system that is now even more flexible

Exhibited at the International Intertraffic Fair of Amsterdam, the new solution boasts greater innovation and is able to meet the different needs of the customer.

Totally connected to the ETHERNET, PS One poses no limit to system development and allows HD image capture of the four sides of the vehicle at the car park entrance.

Came, a leader in the field of automation, active safety and automatic access control, presents an evolution of the PS One, the first automatic system for multi-level parking and reserved parking areas, with web-based technology and Ethernet interface.

The springboard for the new system is the International Intertraffic Fair, which will transform the Dutch capital into the most important centre of the transport and mobility sector from 25 to 28 March, where the latest ITS traffic management, parking, security and infrastructure innovations and technologies are showcased. Professional visitors interested in the parking sector will have the opportunity to experience Came's most advanced solution that is the result of intensive research and development, offering a more flexible and modular system able to meet the different situations and requirements imposed by any structure of installation.

PS One shatters 'physical' barriers related to system development by allowing configuration of an unlimited number of applications - in terms of automatic pay stations, entrance and exit stations, pedestrian readers and manned pay stations - and remote system management for standard surveillance or servicing.

PS One is a modular solution specially designed to meet the typical needs of small, medium and large automated parking areas, ideal for enhancing the efficiency of the service while controlling operating costs and traffic safety. In addition to web-based technology, the hallmarks of the new automatic system branded Came come in the form of reading and recognition of international license plates, the ability to record HD images of the four sides of the vehicle and to read 2D barcodes from prints and mobile devices.

All devices of the parking system - pay stations, entrance and exit stations and displays - are connected to the Ethernet with TCP / IP protocol and managed through a central server that allows connectivity to an unlimited number of applications. Connectivity is very versatile and can be wire, optic fiber or WiFi offering numerous advantages for the design of both small and large installations. The SNMP protocol also allows remote interaction with all applications for any need, even if only supervision purposes. The central server hosts both the relational database as well as the car park system management software. The application is completely web-oriented and clients can access it easily through web pages, without having to load software modules locally.

The PS One system also features a license plate reading, OCR, module which recognises all international license plates, including those from the Arab States.  Another module allows association of high-definition images from all four sides of the vehicle at every entry, which can be displayed, if necessary, by filtering a search weighted by license plate or ticket. All devices can be equipped with an RFID proximity reader, also long-range, and a 2D bar code reader to show parking area tickets printed on thermal paper and on mobile phone displays.

All the peripheral devices have been designed for low power consumption. Operator intervention can be minimised by equipping the automatic pay stations with change returns or credit/debit card payment devices from the various international circuits. Customers can make use of innovative systems such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and also pay by phone or proximity card, use the web to take advantage of anticipated or deferred payment formulas or use pre-paid cards.

The management software allows high levels of system customisation, offering advantages in terms of installation and business park opportunities.  Personalised messages, notices and advertisement campaigns can be displayed on the pay station monitors and entry/exit station displays, also making it possible to manage customised fees during specific periods and occasions.  Parking vouchers, for example, can also be printed during specific occasions for free parking. The operator's website also allows on-line reservation of parking spaces.

About CameCame logo

Came, Came Group company, is one of the recognized leaders in Italy and in the world in the field of home and building automation, designs and manufactures automation solutions and security for residential and industrial, develops systems for parking management and access control for community environments such as large public spaces, squares and streets.

The Group Came to which part is on the market with 480 branches and distributors in 118 countries around the world, thanks to brands BPT and Urbaco, is now considered a global partner in the field of control of the house and into the world of urban planning and high security which offers integrated solutions for regulating and monitoring the flow and access.

Came products are certified “100% Original Italian Quality” by the ITPI (Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers). An award in recognition of the Group’s choice of to design in Italy, not to relocate assembly and to use external suppliers with which it has established a relationship of mutual trust in over 40 years in business.

Owned by the Menuzzo family, the Came Group is strongly linked to its Italian roots. The company is headquartered in Dosson di Casier, province of Treviso Italy and employs a staff of 1,080 staff with a turnover of approximately € 215 million in 2013.

Tanks to its innovative access control solutions, Came has been selected technology partner for Expo 2015.


Fiorenzo Scroccaro
Came Cancelli Automatici s.p.a


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