Circontrol: A Perfect Charging Station For Shopping Centers

Shopping centres, for instance, are excellent venues for establishing an EV charging infrastructure.

While it’s true that Electric Vehicle (EV) users primarily charge at home or their workplace, there are other locations where installing EV chargers could be beneficial. Shopping centres, for instance, are excellent venues for establishing an EV charging infrastructure. This type of location offers a wide variety of activities for visitors, resulting in different parking time durations. This is why we find various types of EV chargers installed there, ranging from semi-fast to fast and ultra-fast charging stations.

Considering the time visitors spend, shopping centres will need not only semi-fast charging stations like our eVolve Smart or eNext Park, but also fast or ultra-fast DC charging stations. As EV batteries increase in size, the private sector is demanding more power. Therefore, our new DC fast charging station, the Raption Compact 80, could be ideal for such locations.

Why is the Raption Compact 80 the perfect charger for malls or supermarkets?

Installing one or several Raption Compact 80 could be beneficial, for shopping centres as a way to attract new customers. This cross-selling opportunity could also help to increase profits. Combined with AC chargers, it could significantly enhance an EV Charging infrastructure, providing a cost-efficient DC fast charging solution. Let’s outline its benefits in a shopping centre environment.

A plus of power

The Raption Compact 80 is one of the most powerful chargers in its market segment. With its 80 kW of power in Boost mode when charging one vehicle, it can charge up to 80 km in 10 minutes, being convenient for short stops.

Simultaneous DC charge

The Raption Compact 80 offers simultaneous charging of two EVs splitting the available power, offering up to 40 kW per plug. In addition to providing a significant amount of power, simultaneous charging optimises costs by using a single charger for two parking bays.

Space optimisation

Thanks to all-in-one architecture, with its power modules placed inside the charger, the Raption Compact 80 allows to optimise the EV Charging reserved space. In addition, thanks to its design it offers a cost-effective and easier installation compared to configurations employing an electrical cabinet for power modules and demands a reduced length of cable. Its small footprint also helps to optimise the space. Moreover, because the screen, holders or doors are in the front of the charger, all Raption’s Series can be placed back-to-back against a wall.

User Friendly

Raption’s entire range offers an enhanced user experience, featuring a large, daylight-readable touchscreen of up to 15 inches. Besides providing charging information, the screen can display various images for commercial purposes as a screensaver. The Raption Series DC chargers also offer multiple integrated contactless payment systems, providing flexibility for both users and owners. Finally, all touchable elements have been placed in a low position to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

Beyond Simple Charging

The Raption Compact 80 is compatible with our management platform COSMOS, which enables the management of a charging infrastructure from a single dashboard. It also works with our Dynamic Load Management (DLM), which automatically balances remaining power to avoid exceeding limits and prioritising fast charging operation.

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CIRCONTROL: Founded in 1997, CIRCONTROL is a technology company that consistently embraces innovation. Initially focused on software development, we gradually expanded our services to offer mobility solutions, particularly in EV charging and efficient parking. Today, we are one of the leading companies in the EV charging industry and we have a strong presence in more than 50 countries, particularly in Europe.



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