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Discover the Benefits of Smart Parking Guidance

Smart Parking Guidance

In the mobility sector, it is essential to strike a balance between a good user experience and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the infrastructure. When it comes to parking, a smart guidance solution can be beneficial for both users and operators. Here are the main advantages of having an intelligent guidance system in car parks.

1. Greater efficiency

Parking guidance offers a smart solution for optimising available space in car parks. Through sensors and monitoring systems, drivers are guided precisely and efficiently to available spaces. This reduces the time spent searching for a space by 45% to 55%, avoiding congestion and improving traffic flow.

As a result, the operator can optimise parking capacity and the user saves time, making this solution advantageous for both drivers and car park owners. In fact, having a parking guidance system can increase occupancy by 15% to 30%, which is especially useful in large facilities where achieving 100% occupancy requires the implementation of an intelligent system. Guidance also allows for more efficient and faster vehicle turnover, contributing to greater profitability.

2. Improved user experience

Direct access to available spaces eliminates the uncertainty and stress of finding a space, resulting in a benefit to drivers. In addition, the technology can also provide real-time information on the availability of special places, the location of free spaces and tariffs, enabling informed decision making.

3. Greater security

Guidance is not only useful in terms of space occupation; it can also offer other functionalities. For instance, sensors with cameras, such as Circontrol’s KSensor, make it possible to monitor parking spaces by means of video recording for better car park security. In addition, the guidance system can include other features such as smart lighting, exterior guidance, proximity alerts and number plate reading. All these features offer an element of security for drivers and their vehicles, as well as an important monitoring tool for the owners and operators of the parking infrastructure.

4. Scalability and profitability

For car park owners, guidance technology represents an opportunity for growth and profitability, as it also allows for the implementation of dynamic and flexible tariff systems, in addition to the above-mentioned features such as security systems and lighting. All these elements translate into greater efficiency.

Circontrol offers the CirPark platform, which makes it possible to optimise and manage all the company’s parking-related solutions: smart guidance, LED lighting systems and electric vehicle charging solutions. This system makes it easy to integrate new solutions into the car park in the future, keeping the infrastructure up to date at all times.

The driver behaviour analysis systems offered by the CirPark platform allow you to locate POIs (points of interest) at which to implement measures to improve smart mobility, and to identify ideal locations for the implementation of marketing and loyalty-building actions. In addition, improved efficiency and a better user experience will also serve to increase the loyalty of regular drivers.

Circontrol’s holistic approach to parking and its products have enabled companies around the world to become more efficient, deliver a better user experience, optimise costs and generate opportunities for growth.

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CIRCONTROL is a company with in-house technology where innovation is a constant objective. It was founded in 1997 to provide solutions in the mobility sector and electric vehicle charging solutions. Since its creation, it has dedicated a large part of its work to R&D and producing high-quality products, making it a leader not only in standard solutions but also in solutions specific to market demands.

Its core activity is focused on developing Mobility or, more specifically, on efficient solutions for
mobility in car parks and eMobility, with smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.


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