Circontrol: Introducing EV Charging at Petrol Stations

EV Charging at Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are a common stop for cars and other road vehicles. The rise of electric vehicles may not change this. However, during the transition, petrol pumps and EV chargers may coexist at these locations, as they gradually transform into charging hubs. Moreover, European governments have started to legislate to facilitate this transition. At the continental level, we find AFIR, focused on major communication corridors in Europe. Similar initiatives can also be found in individual European countries, such as Spain.

This Southern European country has classified its petrol stations based on the annual volume of sales. Using this classification, they determine the type of EV charging infrastructure that must be installed: stations selling over 10 million litres per year must install at least one 150 kW charging point. Those selling over 5 million litres need at least one 50 kW charging point. Only Spain represents more than 800 petrol stations selling 5 M. l and it is an environment in which the new Circontrol’s fast Charging Station Raption Compact 80 can make a significant difference. Let’s explore how.

How the Raption Compact 80 Can Facilitate EV Charging at Petrol Stations

As commented there is big number of Petrol Stations that will be over AFIR requirements, but they will need to introduce EV charging stations in their facilities. For these, the Raption Compact 80 with its 80 kW of power in Boost Mode, when charging one vehicle, is one of the most powerful EV chargers in its market segment. Thanks to that, this DC fast charging station can charge up to 80 km in 10 minutes, being appropriate for a short stop in a petrol station.

More than power

In addition to its plus of power, the Raption Compact 80 offers simultaneous charging of two EVs splitting the available power, offering up to 40 kW per plug. This means that a single charging station can almost provide the equivalent of two nearly 50 kW charging points.

Easy to install

Raption Compact 80 design offers a cost-effective and easier installation, thanks to its all-in-one architecture, by placing its power modules inside the charger. In addition, its small footprint and its blind posterior helps to optimise the space in where it will be placed.

Designed to support business growth

Although it offers significant power, its 80 kW often means that petrol stations do not have to update their electrical infrastructure to include their first charging station, avoiding extra costs. In addition, all the DC Raption Series offer multiple integrated contactless payment system, easy to integrate with the system used by petrol station owners. In addition, its touchscreen of 15-inches can display different images for commercial purposes as a screensaver. Raption series also offers an optional DC Meter for the countries where is required.

Finally, the Raption Compact 80 is compatible with our Dynamic Load Management (DLM), which automatically balances remaining power to avoid exceeding limits or our management platform Cosmos, to collect all the data about EV charging.

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CIRCONTROL: Founded in 1997, CIRCONTROL is a technology company that consistently embraces innovation. Initially focused on software development, we gradually expanded our services to offer mobility solutions, particularly in EV charging and efficient parking. Today, we are one of the leading companies in the EV charging industry and we have a strong presence in more than 50 countries, particularly in Europe.


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