Circontrol Expands Its Range of High-Power Chargers

These systems are perfect for reducing queues and alleviating overcrowding at charging points where EV owners need the shortest charging times to continue on their way as soon as possible.

Less than a year after the launch of the Raption 100, the evolved form of its best-selling DC charging system, Circontrol launches two new high-power systems, the Raption 150 compact, a high-power, compact 150 kW charger, and the Raption 350, a 350 kW charging station, both designed to keep charging times to a minimum and make long-distance EV travel easier. These systems will be officially introduced next month at eMove 360°, Europe’s main charging industry event, from 16 to 18 November in Munich, Germany.

More power without sacrificing Raption series features

Both systems are part of the acclaimed Raption series, whose forerunner is the Raption 50, the company’s best-selling DC charging station, meaning they share a host of features and the same look. However, they are intended for different sites. While the Raption 350 is a high-power system requiring an electrical cabinet or a nearby medium-voltage transformer station, and is therefore designed for EV charging stations and service roads, the Raption 150 compact has built-in power modules and can be installed roadside, as well as at shopping malls and other sites wishing to offer its users fast charging without setting aside a large area.

Raption 150 Compact

Another of the Raption series’s strengths that both models continue to feature is its modular design. Thanks to this, the charging stations ensure a consistently high level of efficiency and lower consumption since modules can be shut down when vehicles require less power or even continue functioning if any of these modules fail. Plus, charging power can be adjusted to suit the needs of each user and can be scaled if required.

Simultaneous fast-charging to avoid delays

Both the Raption 150 compact and the Raption 350 have been developed to meet EV fast-charging needs, particularly for high-traffic areas (highways, EV charging stations, and densely populated areas). It is crucial that these places have low charging times and the option for two cars to charge simultaneously to reduce downtime, avoid queues, and be on par with internal combustion engine vehicle refueling and, in the case of operators, to be able to make a better return on investment for the infrastructure. In this sense, the Raption 150 compact can offer up to 150 kW and split its power to 75 kW if two vehicles need to be charged at the same time. And the 350 kW model can offer up to 175 kW to each car.

Raption 350

In Joan Hinojo’s view, Circontrol’s Managing Director, “these systems will help develop a high-power EV charging infrastructure network, which will, in turn, streamline the ultimate rollout of EVs in our country”. He went on to say, “there will no longer be any question about EVs being able to travel long distances. The slow chargers we may have at home or at places where we spend the majority of our time are necessary and good for batteries, but there is no denying that the HPC systems on the country’s main roadways and links are essential”.

About Circontrol 

Circontrol is a company with in-house technology where innovation is a constant objective. It was founded in 1997 to provide solutions in the mobility sector and electric vehicle charging solutions. Since its creation, it has dedicated a large part of its work to R&D and producing high-quality products, making it a leader not only in standard solutions but also in solutions specific to market demands.

Its core activity is focused on developing Mobility or, more specifically, on efficient solutions for
mobility in car parks and eMobility, with smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.


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