Circontrol Starts a New Corporate Era After a 2022 of Strong International Growth

After a 2022 with good results in turnover and a large growth in its workforce, the company is modernizing its image to align it with the current strategic lines while honoring its essence and its trajectory.
  • The Viladecavalls-based company, part of the Circutor Group, presented its new corporate image this Thursday, 26 January, at a public event with the involvement of its staff.
  • The new image reflects the evolution of the company that was pioneer in the development of EV chargers in 2008, and now focuses on improving the charging experience.
  • In this new stage, Circontrol foresees a remarkable growth of its staff of over 20%, specially through the inclusion of highly qualified and technical profiles.

image of Circontrol's new logo

Circontrol, the leading Spanish manufacturer of electric vehicle charging technology integrated in the Circutor Group, held a public event on Thursday, 26 January to present its new corporate image at the city of Terrassa, near Barcelona, with a huge presence of its staff. After a 2022 with good results in turnover and a large growth in its workforce, the company is modernizing its image to align it with the current strategic lines while honoring its essence and its trajectory.

The renewal of Circontrol’s brand explains the evolution of the company on many levels, a transformation that has also been experienced by the electromobility market and the needs of electric vehicle drivers themselves. “It is no longer enough to have a wide range of products; now it is necessary to offer the best charging experience to people who are switching to electric mobility” states Joan Hinojo, Circontrol’s general manager. This strategic shift, as well as the firm commitment to sustainability (both in its products and processes), technical excellence and innovation, have marked the rebranding of the manufacturer. “It is not just a new logo, it is the validation of the modernization of the company and a new way of understanding the electromobility industry, while remaining loyal to what makes us unique,” says Núria Comellas, the company’s CEO. “Circontrol has become, without any doubt, one of the main actors in the industry in the European and global scope, and it was important to adapt our image and message to this new reality“, Comellas adds.

The launch of the new image comes after a 2022 marked by the reorganization of the Circutor Group and the celebration of the company’s 25th anniversary, as well as good sales results with a 33% growth, especially on an international scale. Specifically, the brand’s presence in European countries such as France, Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom stands out, as well as in other areas as the Persian Gulf, Mexico and South America; these sales consolidate the company’s international expansion and anticipate a sustained growth in the coming years. In this sense, the Marketing manager of Circontrol, Joan Sardà, points out that “the electric vehicle industry is growing by leaps and bounds and in this fierce growth scenario we want to position ourselves as a leading company that can be trusted at all levels, focusing on people and user experience“. Although he assures that in such an effervescent industry competition can become hard, the presence of the company in the EV charging outlook, since 2008, and the evolution that Circontrol is experiencing in recent years, by adding talent to its team and improving the presence and image of its brand, will allow them to face the market’s demands: “electromobility is skyrocketing, and we are ready for it“, concludes Sardà.

On the other hand, this change in the brand image grows in parallel with an important boost in the electromobility industry, and everything this means for all the main actors involved. According to Comellas, “it has already become one of the most dynamic industrial sectors, technologically more innovative and with a greater challenge of growth; it has grown more than 30% globally only this past 2022, and from Circontrol we have proved our ability to keep up with this pace and include more and more highly qualified technical personnel into our organization “. The company agrees that precisely the human capital is one of the main values needed to face the growth of the industry in a stable and reliable way. Therefore, “our most important challenge is to maintain an excellent organizational culture, focused on people and their collaborative relationship, which makes from our company an excellent place to work in“, concludes the CEO.

About CIRCONTROL image of Circontrol's logo

CIRCONTROL is a company with in-house technology where innovation is a constant objective. It was founded in 1997 to provide solutions in the mobility sector and electric vehicle charging solutions. Since its creation, it has dedicated a large part of its work to R&D and producing high-quality products, making it a leader not only in standard solutions but also in solutions specific to market demands.

Its core activity is focused on developing Mobility or, more specifically, on efficient solutions for
mobility in car parks and eMobility, with smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.


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