CIRCONTROL Mobility solution to obtain LEED certificate

The LEED® Green Building Rating System™ is a certification system that deals with the environmental performance of buildings based on the overall characteristics of the project.

The CIRCONTROL mobility solutions helps to obtain LEED credits.

See below credits for new constructions and major renovations:

Sustainable Sites:

Alternative transportation - low-emitting and

fuel-efficient vehicles: Up to 3 points

Light pollution reduction: 1 point


Innovation in design: Up to 5 points

Energy & Atmosphere:

Optimize energy performance: Up to 19 points

Measurement and Verification: Up to 3 points

Pilot credits:

Green vehicles: 1 point

Interior lighting quality: 1 point

The solutions and actions that through CIRCONTROL SCADA software platform can be made are:

Parking guidance system:

Help reduce traffic searching for parking in the garage

Carbon monoxide detection:

Reduce the usage of ventilation in the parking garages.

LED lighting:

Reduces energy consumption in the parking and optimize lighting according to occupation.

Process control and monitoring functions:

Making automation (for example, switching off lights on vacant floors)

Energy monitoring:

Provides information for electricity savings in the buildings.

Remote monitoring:

With software updates reduces the need for onsite service engineers.

Electric vehicle recharging stations

System Carbon footprint reports

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CIRCONTROL,S.A. is an engineering company with over 15 years of experience creating efficiency solutions for mobility and security. (Recharging station for electric vehicle, Parking Guidance System, LED lighting combined with PGS…)
CIRCONTROL is also part of a big holding of companies from CIRCUTOR Group, which has distribution in over 100 countries for electrical energy saving systems and quality control. From the very beginning we have always allocated a large part of our resources to R+D to ensure that the products we make are top quality. This has enabled us to become leaders not just in delivering standard solutions, but also in providing specific solutions in response to market demand. All our products comply with the strictest standards and are subjected to rigorous quality controls during the manufacturing process. We have our own laboratory for EMC/EMI tests, calibration and metrological verification


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