First EV charging station installed in Antwerp Circarlife

An intelligent standard recharging station post (230Vac 16A) with metering and RFID system has been installed in APCOA open car park in Antwerp.

Antwerpen013(2).jpgThe race to provide service in recharging electric vehicles while cars are parked has just started.
Belgium is a country where distances between major cities are not very large.
Antwerp, in the north, is a city with a great entrepreneurial spirit, and the proof is the drive by the leading parking operator APCOA, the installation of first charging station for electric vehicles.

The recharging station, provided by company P2SE in Belgium and manufactured by Circontrol in Spain, includes intelligent energy management system to assure the safety and correct procedure of car recharging.

To use the charger, the users needs to own RFID card that includes information related to credit (euros), tariff (cost of the kwh consumption), ID of the user, encryption and other useful information to assure the most convenient use of such system.

The electric vehicle owners (EV) will easily show the card at the RFID reader of the station and it will be open immediate if credit available on the card.
Thus, when the system is open, there is no electricity for safety.
Additionally, one of the great advantages of the recharging station CIRCARLIFE is that it includes anti-fraud system to avoid people disconnecting the plug and stealing energy.
Furthermore, in terms of maintenance, there is no need to add additional metering devices because the equipment does on its own.  In terms of maintenance, thanks to its self-reclosing circuit breaker, there is no maintenance needed.

The system complies with EU certifies regulations   EN 61851-1 : 2001 part 1 / IEC 61000, IEC 60364-4-41, IEC 61008 1, IEC 60884-1,  IEC 60529, IEC61010 /  UNE-EN55011, UNE-EN62196-1, UNE-EN61851-1,  UNE-EN61851-21, UNE-EN61851-22 /  ISO 14443A

Circontrol and the product range Circarlife is the market leader in Europe with recharging stations advanced to its time and ready in stock.


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