Automated parking: What happens if the system goes down?

CityLift's approach to system problems

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An automated mechanical parking system is a significant investment. It must be proven and reliable, and the company providing it must be the same. This is because, eventually, the question will arise: What if the system goes down?

When speaking with prospective clients, the first question asked most often of a provider is: How much does it cost? The second question is usually regarding performance failures and malfunctions. A dependable automated parking system should function much like your car—you get into it, turn it on, and expect it to run as it should. You take precautions, such as regularly scheduled maintenance, to prevent unexpected hiccups.

Automated parking systems should be manufactured with the same philosophy in mind. After installation—which should be of the upmost quality, of course—a systematic maintenance program should be implemented to check for any system discrepancies, leaks and worn parts, and address other issues. Implementing this ensures a client will experience minimal operation downtime and that all people using the system remain happy with it.

This is the approach we take at CityLift.

We also believe that a simple system of racks, rails, chains, and electric motors is far superior to other options; it is more cost effective and reliable than systems utilizing robotics, hydraulics, and combined concrete floors. Electric parts are often of better quality and last longer. There are no fluid leaks and damage to worry over, and electric systems are generally more cost-effective and easier to use. Additionally, we elect not to incur the additional costs of designing back-up motors because, in our experience, they simply don’t justify those added expenses.

In the event the system does go down, we have a process to get it up and running again fast, so that you can keep users happy:

  1. A text message is sent immediately to our maintenance department, notifying us of the issue. We will know about the situation even before the building maintenance department is aware of it.
  2. We will perform a remote software reset straightaway to resolve the issue. We are also capable of moving cars in the system remotely, if necessary.
  3. If the remote software reset does not solve the issue, we then commit to having our maintenance team on site within an hour.
  4. We know that people have to get to work, school, doctor’s appointments, etc., and that they cannot wait around, even if the system is down. In these cases, we offer transportation reimbursement via taxi, Uber, Lyft, etc., while the system is down to minimize the impact on those affected.

When designing your specific system with CityLift, you have the option of installing back-up power to minimize any power outages. Some cities require back-up power, while others do not. With over 60,000 units installed in 13 countries, we know what it takes to succeed for the long term. Our goals are to earn your long-term business and provide an exceptional customer experience, from initial proposal through the life of your system’s operation.

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At CityLift Parking, we bring 30 years of automated parking lift experience around the globe to the US.  With offices around the country, our automated parking lifts span the full range of product choices.  We work closely with our customers to design the best parking layout for them, partner to get their project approved, install the systems, and stand by our products by providing ongoing service. We also offer financing through our banking partners so the capital expenditure can be metered over time.

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