Commend opens door to Intercom 2.0

Every great innovation has its name. Where Intercom technology is concerned, the new name to remember is Intercom 2.0.
Pioneered by leading Intercom technology innovator Commend International,Intercom 2.0 is designed to give industrial communication technology a turbo boost into new worlds of sound, vision and facility management.

What is Intercom 2.0?

At the core of Intercom 2.0 is a set of cutting-edge technological advancements that offer a vast improvement in the quality of audio and video signal transmission, networking and building management:

  • Best Intercom audio quality ever, powered by Commends new 16 kHz technology and proven IoIP (Intercom over IP) standard: the result is a whopping 300 per cent quality improvement over regular Internet telephony (VoIP - Voice over IP), enabling crystal clear speech transmissions over standard IP networks
  • Full live video support - a world first in Intercom technology. Putting a face to the voice adds a distinctive personal touch, which helps in challenging situations
  • Wireless Intercom that brings help call stations and other intercom applications to areas without IT infrastructures
  • Extreme reliability, thanks to new intelligent fail-safety features, plus a robust design that can withstand vandalism and extreme temperatures with ease and still look sleek and stylish
  • Integrated building management: this consolidates control of all systems, call stations and communication lines at a single central control station
  • Evergreen Engineering protects operators investment by making Intercom 2.0 solutions fully backward compatible to any installation since 1980.

Turbo-powered Intercom

In numerous environments such as offices, public transport facilities, car parks, hospitals and many others, Commend Intercom systems have been playing an essential - sometimes life-saving - role for decades. Now, Intercom 2.0 is ready to open up a whole new world of opportunities to these sectors.

In noisy locations such as public transport facilities or industrial loading bays, the all-new high-quality audio features really come into their own, as they relay the voice sound with such clarity and richness that it cuts even through heavy industrial and traffic noise. Video support adds additional value, especially under stressful circumstances such as a car break-down: seeing a face instead of just hearing a disembodied voice helps a lot to relax the situation and provide that extra measure of reassurance and personal safety.

Also, the new comprehensive building management capabilities will be appreciated by facility operators who frequently have to juggle several different systems to manage their building infrastructures. On a new Intercom 2.0 platform, all lines - power, lights, lifts, door access points, alarm systems and the myriad of other building fixtures - all converge neatly at a single Intercom workstation, with full control no further away than a touch of a button or a glance at the monitor. Reducing complex tasks to easy-to-handle solutions like these is actually the main philosophy behind Intercom 2.0, as reflected in its motto, Simplicity Meets Power.

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