Commend SIP Series 3.0

Packed with amazing array of new functions and control options, the soon-to-be-released Version 3.0 of Commend’s SIP Terminals is set to open the door to the Convenience Class in SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) telephony systems for simple, cost-efficient integration of sub-stations and security solutions.

Since the first series of Commend SIP Stations entered the Intercom dimension in 2011, the devices have grown up fast in terms of convenience and functional power. From the start, the SIP-capable terminals were in a class of their own – not just where hardware is concerned: their innermost software features, too, are quite unique, opening up new options of using simple, low-priced SIP systems with the help of intelligent, convenient functions from the world of Intercom.

SIP 3.0 – Three good reasons for upgrading to the top class in SIP telephony

With the new Firmware Release 3.0, Commend SIP Stations get their most powerful functionality boost so far, along with enhanced independence from proprietary, server-based SIP solutions. Here are three top highlights to look forward to:

  1. Provisioning makes the solution ready for large-scale installations: a simple mouse click transfers directory entries, function settings, pre-recorded messages, firmware updates and lots more instantly to all (or selected individual) SIP Stations.

  2. Sequences is the name of a powerful new function that enables easy programming of small, flexible “action scripts” for SIP Stations. A great example is high-convenience access for residential buildings, where punching in one’s door access PIN not only opens the door, but triggers other actions as well, such as turning the light on and getting the elevator, for example. All these are functions that next-best SIP solutions either cannot provide or require great programming efforts to implement.

  3. HD Voice now provides 7 kHz wide-bandwidth speech quality, which outperforms common VoIP by far in terms of clarity and intelligibility. Also, the new, improved 5-level active noise suppression feature makes Commend SIP Stations ready for application environments where things can get particularly noisy: tunnels or manufacturing facilities, for example.

As of now, SIP 3.0 will be implemented on all SIP devices being shipped. It will also be available as a Firmware Update Package for generation 1.0 and 2.0 SIP Stations. The package will be free to download at from March this year.

About CommendCommend International

Commend International has a strong, international Partner Network, and is one of the largest global suppliers of Intercom Systems. We supply solutions for communication and security, in which speech, image and data are combined on a uniform user interface.


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