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As market leader in intelligent security and building communication, Commend International introduces model od10, the world’s first outdoor Intercom station with Emergency Mode capabilities. Like Indoor Intercom station id5, the od10 is part of the Concerto Series and will be available from July 2019. This launch marks a unique milestone in emergency and threat response systems (ETRS), preparing the path for Commend users to take advantage of cloud-based services.

Outdoor Intercom Station od10 is Commend’s latest achievement based on its holistic development strategy. Instead of building terminal devices for specific limited applications, the company has always advocated solutions that generate significant added value for users both in emergency and day-to-day situations. Serving as an intelligent digital assistant, the od10 has been specifically designed for sophisticated building applications and leaves nothing to be desired. Its extensive range of functions covers everything from crystal clear HD speech quality to fail-safe audio signal transmission. As a result, the device with its ten-inch touch display enables a wide range of specific applications for users and operators to benefit from.

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 Unique Emergency Mode

The od10’s unique quality and driving force is the way it enables the efficient protection of persons in critical situations. In case of an alarm the device can switch into its worldwide unique Emergency Mode within fractions of a second. This technical revolution opens up a whole world of new possibilities for security officers when it comes to emergency and threat response. In an alarm situation, the device automatically provides a range of features and functions designed to significantly improve personal safety in public and commercial building environments. Functions include, for example, closing or unlocking doors near hot spots, providing escape route guidance, playing automated warning announcements and enabling room surveillance. What is more, the od10 provides persons affected by an emergency situation with crucial information for getting out of harm’s way as fast as possible. For example, control room staff can address them directly over the od10, and they can be provided with location-dependent on-screen instructions. Conference calls for crisis intervention teams or controlled CCTV feeds are no problem either.

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Always Ready for Action

In the past Commend’s experts noticed that systems that are used regularly in everyday situations tend to be operated more confidently and more accurately in emergency situations. Taking this into account, the od10 with its extensive range of functions has been designed to be suitable not just for threat and emergency response but also for all areas of routine communication. For example, they can serve as an outdoor intercom for buildings or as a voice communication and information terminal for entrance and reception areas. In addition, the od10 comes fully equipped to bring added value as a digital assistant to shopping centers, arenas or airports. Its large-sized display, extra-high volume capacity and particularly robust construction make this latest-generation Commend product suitable for all applications. This includes the visible display of advertising content – an ideal solution for any commercial or business environment.

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Ultimate Ease of Use

A further unique selling point in favour of the od10 is its user-focused operation. With this new member of the Concerto family, ease of use and a clean, well-designed user interface are not just empty buzzwords. The thoroughly streamlined technology is designed to be easy and straightforward to use for almost any end user. This makes it suitable for virtually any environment, from schools to office buildings, public or industrial facilities, or in public transport infrastructures. In addition, the Concerto terminals are versatile enough to cover the specific needs of other user groups as well: Operators profit from a safe investment thanks to updateable, durable components and supreme build quality and functionality. Planners and architects can work with a product that has extensive integration capabilities, whose timeless design fits well into modern architecture in terms of its haptic qualities, material and design. As a further benefit, the od10 also integrates seamlessly with solutions based on the international IEC 62820-2 standard for Security Intercom Systems, which is required to comply with liability regulations.

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Commend is one of the world’s largest providers of high-end Security Communication systems. A member of worldwide security solution provider THK Group, Commend International was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.

With app. 160 employees at its headquarters, Commend is well integrated into THK Group’s 4.800 worldwide staff and also maintains an international partner network of more than 400 people (spanning more than 40 countries ). The corporate culture has a strong focus on people and cooperative partnerships to ensure outstanding user value with systems known for their superior reliability, convenience and voice intelligibility / clarity of voice transmission.

Commend Control Desks and Intercom Stations for security communication solutions incorporate speech, video, data and third-party equipment control. They embrace the most useful networking and mobile technologies and serve millions of users every day, for example in the German automobile industry, at public transport services such as the London Underground, as well as numerous buildings, road traffic and parking facilities the world over.

Commend offers dedicated turnkey solutions for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Parking, Lifts, Prisons, Police, Heavy Industry, Airport, Rail and Transport infrastructure, Military and many other Top Security communication applications.

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