Intercom Client for Windows

The all-new virtual IP Intercom Station

The all-new virtual IP Intercom Station

Not every Intercom station has to be hardware-based. Often a software solution will do just as well, or even better - at call centres, in embedded solutions or small-sized businesses, for example.The Intercom Client for Windows allows you to turn any regular PC, terminal or industrial PC into a professional Intercom.


  • Basic module, video module and direct dialling buttons conform to the hardware design of Commend’s range of classic desktop stations. Instant control of Intercom functionality the way you’re used to!
  • The Intercom Client integrates smoothly into existing infrastructures of Commend software components and devices.
  • Individually customisable user interface layout: use the Client with its ergonomically designed default layout or build your own custom solutions to suit your individual needs.
  • Full integration of almost any Intercom function and use of external data links on a common, uniform platform
  • Numerous possible applications, from enabling on-demand dial-up links via your notebook to implementing extensions for Control Desks
  • Extended video module for basic surveillance tasks
  • Optional use of the ComWIN Web Client as user interface

Intercom applications

A new variety

The Intercom Client for Windows is designed to play its strengths across all Windows platforms, from the PC to embedded solutions and tablets. Designed to integrate smoothly with the entire range of Commend hardware and software solutions, it delivers superior Intercom power precisely where you need it. Whether at the call centre or at the office, working at the reception desk or on your notebook while on the move ‒ you can take full advantage of refined technology that is exceptionally easy to operate.

Six configurable camera connections are provided via direct dialling buttons for use in easy-to-use video monitoring solutions. All this comes with full support of a wide range of video management systems. With the additional option of automatic video activation for incoming calls, the module is ideally suited for use as a video communication terminal.

Touch screen interaction makes navigating the individually configurable user interface a breeze. A few taps on the screen let you bring up the call history function for making direct calls, for example. If you like, you can even control your entire software terminal exclusively over the keyboard, even with other applications in the foreground.

As individual as you like

You can easily adapt the HTML/CSS based user interface to your needs and preferences. And if that’s not enough, the integrated programming interface gives you full control over your software-based Intercom Station. Many applications require no keyboard input at all, so keeping your user interface clean and empty except for your most frequently used function icons (e. g., Answer Call, Open Door, Light On, Call Diversion, etc.) has many advantages. It allows you to keep required user training, operating errors and frustration at a minimum while maximising efficiency and user satisfaction. But it’s not only small-sized operations that benefit from the new customisation capabilities. Even large-sized teams will find them a valuable support in making the most of the communication terminal. At call centres, for example, integrated weather information or maintenance notices provide helpful information for providing assistive services to remote sites.

Like being home away from home

Where and how can the new Intercom Client help to make your work easier, faster, more efficient and even more excellent for you? Dedicated Commend audio hardware ensures superior speech quality and fail-safe connectivity, with the software extension modules providing additional flexibility and ultimate convenience ‒ all that in a small space and at low overall cost. The ideal solution for extending existing Control Desks, upgrading small-sized control points or adding desktop video support. For example...

Control Desks

PC Workstations

At call centres, agents use the Intercom Client for Windows with attached headset for handling customer calls. You can also control additional applications and operate several systems over the same keyboard.

Windows-based terminals

Whatever the application, the Intercom Client makes full use of the versatility of the latest devices, as an integrated industrial terminal for gate posts or vending machines, for example. Or as a tablet application providing a mobile extension of your existing stationary Control Desk system. Fitted with a wall-mounting frame or desktop support, your mobile device turns into an indoor Intercom station for communication in buildings. Supporting mouse and touch screen interaction for mobile or stationary operation.

Desktop device as flexibly extensible base station

Building a professional Control Desk doesn’t necessarily require expensive, space consuming Control Desk hardware. The Commend desktop base station for workplace PCs offers a cost-efficient yet powerful alternative that can easily be extended with software modules. Support of bi-directional video, direct dialling buttons and intuitive user guidance included.

On-demand dial-up interface

Not every Intercom terminal needs to be on stand-by around the clock. Thanks to its integrative capabilities, the Intercom Client for Windows is also a flexible, cost-efficient client for managing Intercom on demand, whether at home, in the office or in the coffee shop, on a customer call or at the hotel room.

ComCommend Intercommend Intercom

Commend Intercom Client for Windows ‒ the trusted communication companion for every business notebook. Please see the data sheet for further details.


About CommendCommend

Commend develops and manufactures Security and Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and values. The Commend International GmbH was founded in 1971 and is one of the world’s largest providers of Intercom Systems.

Currently about 150 employees are stationed in the headquarters in Salzburg; in the international partner network about 350 people are working together. The annual turnover 2012 was about €55 Mill., export rate 95%.


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