Parking Intercom 2.0 - Re-Inventing Parking Communication

In the days of Web 2.0, communication is moving centre stage as a prime enabler and sustainer of businesses almost everywhere. Parking and related services are a good case in point. Here it is Intercom connections that provide those essential lines of communication that keep things going.

With its latest WS Series range of wall-mounted terminals, Intercom market leader Commend has paved the way towards "Intercom 2.0" a name that stands for all-new levels of quality, reliability and security in parking communication, from call terminals to integrated controls for facility management.

Intercom in the parking environment comes in various shapes and sizes, from the help request terminals at gates or pay-on-foot machines to SOS terminals, public address channels, door terminals and various forms of administrative and office communication.
However, mere simplex speech connections are by far no longer sufficient when it comes to parking-specific intercom solutions, as these are increasingly required to bridge the gap between communication, security and facility management. With the launch of its new WS Series, Commend, which has been at the top of the global Intercom business for 36 years, signals the lift-off into the next dimension of "">Intercom 2.0" to take up the challenge and lend a helping communicational hand to the evolving car park business:

The Noise Challenge

WS_Series_with_Video_Camera(smaller).pngBackground noise is an obvious challenge to clear speech connections in any traffic-related environment. A new Intercom 2.0 feature high-resolution transmission at 16 kHz allows the WS Stations to overcome this challenge. It does this by boosting the clarity of the human voice to let the speech sound stand out against background noise, taking advantage of the specific acoustic qualities that distinguish the human voice from other sound sources.

The Visibility Challenge

Commend_Wallmount_Station_Dial_Pad_and_Video_small(smaller).pngThe WS Series stations full video support another Intercom 2.0 innovation means that for the first time, Intercom users are able to see who they are actually talking to. Apart from enhancing the expressivity of the call, it gives people calling for help an extra sense of reassurance, helping them to keep calm and get their message across more efficiently than with audio-only connections.  

The Durability Challenge

Reliability and cost-efficiency demand that the terminals be able to withstand the many ambient influences of the car park environment. It is these demands that Commends engineers had in mind when they equipped the WS Series terminals with extra resistance against wear and tear, extreme temperatures, liquids, dirt and dust. What is more, the stylish front panels are strong enough to withstand even vandalism attacks.

The Usability Challenge

Overall, the design of the terminals follows the need for easy, intuitive interaction that lets customers who need assistance connect to a member of staff within seconds. Depending on the specific placement and purpose of the terminals, there are versions available for single-button connections to pre-set recipients (e.g. the car park help desk) and for dial-up connections (e.g., for office communication).
Regardless of where the terminals are used, they can all be conveniently networked for monitoring and forwarding via a central control station. Essentially, this works as a communication hub for the many Intercom lines and technologies that are set to support the parking industry well into the future.


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