New interface to bridge the worlds of Intercom 2.0 and Pelco® video management solutions

Security in focus: Pelco® PTZ camera, now with control via Intercom 2.0 solutions

What good is the best sound without an image to go with it (and vice-versa) in situations where it counts – where personal safety and the protection of assets are at stake? Perfect eye-ear coordination is essential for communication connections in security environments. Thanks to its flexible interfaces to third-party systems, this is one of the strong points of Commend Intercom 2.0 systems.

With the interface to Pelco® Endura Video Management Systems by Schneider Electric, which will be available from July this year, Commend has now added one of the leading brands in video security to the list of supported systems. The interface comes with a nice range of new, ingenious features and properties:

  • Full control of all camera functions via Intercom system: live and recorded video display, recording, video display management (including display on video wall monitors), and much more
  • Extension of the Video System with Intercom functions, such as call and message queueing and priorisation
  • Full support of PTZ cameras (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) for remote-controlled panning, tilting, focussing, image zooming, and preset calls
  • Event-driven processes, such as automated video feed display on monitors, camera positioning and recording in case of an emergency
  • IP-based interface running on the Intercom Server means there is no need for extra Commend hardware or additional software
  • Flexible license options

With its extensive range of features, the Pelco® Interface is well equipped for all application environments, from parking and public transport to industry and building management.

The Interface is supported under PRO800 Software Versions 3.0 and higher. As an IP-based interface, it can also be run on the brand-new Commend Software Intercom Server.

Prior to its official market premiere in July this year, the Beta Version of the interface is already available for trial purposes.

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