Commend Release Tall Call and Duetto With Genetec Omnicast

Commend Tall Call Intercom Station

Tall Call: The Commend Column Series

Commend Intercom stations come in many different shapes, sizes – and casings. For outdoor areas they can be fitted in a variety of columns to serve as help and information points in locations from public areas to doors and barrier gates. To fit different environments and purposes, they are available in various basic designs.

Need a sleek column for your vehicle gate for cars and trucks? A sleek column for your entrance perhaps? Or an public area or industrial help point? No problem, as the columns are fully customisable and made to order by Commend's Customized Solutions team to meet individual needs.

It's an extremely flexible and stylish way to integrate leading security communication seamlessly into any architecture or corporate environment. Whatever the design, the columns are available in different sizes (up to 2.4 m high) can accommodate any type and combination of Intercom modules ­– with options ranging from camera and video support to a graphic display, keypads, hearing aid induction loops, ADA/DDA compliant controls and a range of loudspeakers and microphones. Leading Commend audio and video quality included, of course. Now, instant-connection emergency and information communication doesn't get any better than that.

Download the brochure for the Tall Call series here.

Commend Duetto with Genetec Omnicast: A Perfect Ensemble

With versatility in its technical genes, our Duetto Control Desk is compact in size but extremely well connected. And thanks to its brand-new interface to Genetec's Omnicast Server, it now delivers the video streams from one of the world's leading video management solutions right to its versatile touch screen.
Commend Duetto

Monitoring and switching between the various Omnicast video sources is as easy as tapping the screen on the fully customisable layout. Naturally, everything works securely and in perfect unison with Duetto's powerful Intercom functions: incoming calls automatically bring on the corresponding video camera image, for example. All this makes Duetto the first and only Intercom Control Desk to interface fully with Genetec Omnicast.

For further information, download the fact sheet.

About CommendCommend logo

Commend is one of the world’s largest providers of high-end Security Communication systems. A member of worldwide security solution provider THK Group, Commend International was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.

With app. 160 employees at its headquarters, Commend is well integrated into THK Group’s 4.800 worldwide staff and also maintains an international partner network of more than 400 people (spanning more than 40 countries ). The corporate culture has a strong focus on people and cooperative partnerships to ensure outstanding user value with systems known for their superior reliability, convenience and voice intelligibility / clarity of voice transmission.

Commend Control Desks and Intercom Stations for security communication solutions incorporate speech, video, data and third-party equipment control. They embrace the most useful networking and mobile technologies and serve millions of users every day, for example in the German automobile industry, at public transport services such as the London Underground, as well as numerous buildings, road traffic and parking facilities the world over.

Commend offers dedicated turnkey solutions for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Parking, Lifts, Prisons, Police, Heavy Industry, Airport, Rail and Transport infrastructure, Military and many other Top Security communication applications.

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