Series WS Intercom Stations: Proven 25.000 times over in 2.5 years!

25,000 Series WS Intercom Stations in use worldwide, barely 2½ years after their market launch – and that’s not even counting the countless extension modules! This could be a record in the making!

In thousands of locations all over the world, the “communication power packs on the wall” are proving their worth every day by way of hundreds of thousands of communication lines and well over half a million call connections – helping to save lives, co-ordinate work flows, inform people and protect assets. And more of them are added every day.

A success like that is a dream come true for every passionate developer,” says product manager Martin Gruber. “But most importantly, it gives us the reassurance that we are on the right track towards meeting, if possible even exceeding, what today’s customer expects from a modern high-performance Intercom Station.”

As the very first product line to carry the genes of Commend’s powerful Intercom 2.0 product generation, the Series WS Intercoms were designed, in a sense even predestined, to meet those high expectations. Their robust but stylish exterior made them instantly suitable for any installation site, from production halls to operating theatres. At the same time, the devices answered the call for clean, crisp speech connections with crystal clear 16 kHz Enhanced HD Voice speech quality and dynamic noise suppression. OpenDuplex® met the demand for a natural, hands-free way of Intercom communication.

Also, the WS Intercoms’ networking capabilities overcame all distance barriers with the ability to establish reliable voice and video connections all over the world. Judging by the feedback from customers, another essential success factor is the wide range of extension modules that can turn any WS Intercom Station into anything from a door and gate control station to a high-security communication terminal with CCTV surveillance. Finally, also winning premium brownie points in terms of customer satisfaction, is an feature that has become a hallmark of Commend product sustainability: the ability to stay true to their heritage, despite their decidedly modern, leading edge technological genes, by staying fully compatible with previous product generations and technologies.

All of these are qualities favoured by users worldwide – 25,000 times over, and counting.

About CommendCommend International GmH

The protection of people, buildings and values require highly integrated Intercom systems that are 100 per cent secure. As technology and market leader in professional Intercom solutions, Commend is a successful international provider to industrial and commercial enterprises, airports, public transport operators, car parks, hospitals, and penal institutions. High-tech functions such as dynamic background noise cancelling, OpenDuplex®, Audio Monitoring, Loudspeaker/Microphone Monitoring, as well as global IP Intercom networking solutions make Commend an indispensable supporter of business success for users and operators worldwide.


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