SIMPLICITY meets POWER - The new generation of Intercom Servers from Commend

For system operators of the new Commend intercom servers GE 300 and GE 800, worry lines have become a thing of the past.
No longer will there be periods of waiting and furrowed brows, puzzling over installation and configuration or software updates. Commend has placed simplicity of its system operation at the forefront. The new generation of servers makes the everyday operation of security systems significantly more simple and efficient.

"The simple takes charge of the complex. This is the guiding principle behind all of our developments", says Georg Winkler, Director of Commend International GmbH. "Once again, we have proven that high-tech and simplicity are not contradictions. On the contrary, at a time when the complexity of technologies is constantly increasing, we at Commend are showing how simply technology can really be."

No more barriers between analogue and digital...

In the Commend world, there are no communication problems. Commend have ensured that even customers with existing analogue terminal equipment can always use the new, fully-digital system infrastructure without limitations and also profit from the most up-to-date features. "Everyone can talk to everyone else", enthuses Georg Winkler, "our servers are made to fit the terminal equipment, and not vice-versa."

At Commend it goes without saying that they will ensure that equipment which has already been installed can communicate at any time with the latest servers. Compatibility, even with systems which are decades old, is part of the company philosophy. Time-consuming and expensive system alterations are thus unnecessary in the case of intercom servers from Commend. Updates and extensions are dealt with simply and easily via license keys.

Above all, the G8-NET, as part of the new generation of intercom servers from Commend, tears down the barriers between the analogue and digital worlds. It forms the core of the intercom servers GE 300 and GE 800 from Commend, with a wide range of functions.

Network components are cool

Gone are the times when network components became glowing hot after long periods of operation. With a well thought out power supply concept, Commend have been able to increase the level of efficiency of network components to approx. 90 %. Only the small remaining amount of energy used is now converted into heat. "The cooling units will have plenty of time to take a breather in future", smiles Georg Winkler. Thanks to the completely new power supply concept from Commend, the lion's share of the energy is now available for the server and its features. Network components have thus become a really cool thing.

There is room for the future here...

The new generation of intercom servers GE 300 and GE 800 achieve a processor performance of 400 MIPS. This means that there is a generous amount of computing performance available for a wide range of features, which however, also guarantees the necessary flexibility for future additions. The new generation servers GE 300 and GE 800 are fitted as standard with an enormous amount of working memory. With the first, now current version of the operating system, a maximum of 30 % of the working memory is utilised. For sales manager Georg Winkler, the advantages are obvious: "70 % of the working memory is reserved for future tasks and options. That means any amount of space for fantastic features and future developments from which our customers can profit.

"Everything is clear - as crystal!"...

With the new generation of intercom servers from Commend, the optimal clarity of acoustic messages is guaranteed, even when collective and group calls are transmitted from the call centre. "The transmission of speech at 16 kHz makes communication easier, especially in critical areas such as control centres", says Georg Winkler, emphasising the importance of optimal speech clarity. The GE 800 has an additional communications-related tool to get your attention. The intercom server offers the advantage of a hard-drive-free text messaging system, by which standardised voice messages can be called up directly within the system. The advantages for customers are obvious: simple operation, easy handling, high data security through the use of a hard-drive-free memory and speech quality which is crystal clear!

Commend at a Glance

Commend develops and manufactures Security and Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and values. The Commend International GmbH was founded in 1971 and is one of the worlds largest providers of Intercom Systems.
Currently 130 employees are stationed in the headquarters in Salzburg; in the international partner network 350 people are working together. The corporate culture has a strong focus on cooperative partnership. The annual turnover 2007 was about €50 Mill., export rate 95%.

Rescue forces, fire brigade, police and other security facilities rely on the dependability of this Salzburg Company as well as hospitals and nursing homes. Terminals, modules and stations from Commend for integration of speech, image and data can also be found in control rooms of the German automobile industry, in emergency call systems of subways, such as the London Underground, in many buildings for control of barriers and lifts and increase security on parking lots and parking garages. Commend products and solutions are long term investments, because they can be expanded and upgraded.

No detours...

From video monitoring to access control, from telephony to television transmissions - the IP technology in the modern security world has long since developed to an established standard, above all with regard to the interlinking and networking of systems. "With the development of the GE 300 and GE 800 intercom servers, Commend has fully addressed this trend, from now on, all communication runs via an internal IP bus", says Georg Winkler, describing the highly-technical internals of the new generation of Commend servers. This offers, both now and in the future, previously undreamt-of possibilities.

99.999% safety in serious situations...

In the security sector, systems must always function. In times of crisis they may mean the difference between life and death. For this reason, Commend works intensively and continually to ensure the highest possible level of availability on all their systems. The reason why such intensive efforts are made in this area are obvious to Georg Winkler: "Every tenth of a percent which brings us nearer to 100% availability is decisive, and in serious situations can save lives". For this reason, in future, the concept of the new intercom servers will be doubly secured by redundancy technology, in order to guarantee the highest level of operational safety. With 99.999 % availability, the highest possible level of reliability of the new generation GE 300 and GE 800 servers is undisputed.

Georg Winkler sees the reason for the increased failure security to be due to the new internal cabling of the GE 300 and GE 800 intercom servers: "Many cables and plugs mean many potential sources of faults. For this reason, our plug-in cards are now directly connected into the bus system, not interconnected via cables. This has enabled us to significantly improve reliability." If however, despite all precautions, it should become necessary to reboot the intercom server, the system is available again within seconds. This speed is probably record-breaking, and represents a further benefit for the high accessibility of the GE 300 and GE 800.

less = more...

The new GE 300 and GE 800 intercom servers from Commend claim attributes which would impress anyone: lower power consumption, increased efficiency, more productivity, higher level of effectiveness. That speaks for itself. Georg Winkler, on the output of the new generation of intercom servers: "Thanks to the latest technologies, in many areas we have achieved a higher level of efficiency. Our customers are being won over by systems which provide significantly more performance and capacity for the same expenditure of energy."

With the intercom servers GE 300 and GE 800, Commend is now a clear pathfinder in this technology. Thanks to IP technology, it has been possible to significantly reduce the size of installations and at the same time achieve an increase in performance and capacity. The new compact size of the equipment is thus a powerful argument for the new Commend intercom servers. The new GE 800 can handle 112 IP users, or 56 analogue or 56 digital users. Previously in this area by comparison, with 56 users, the number was only half as many. Using IP, the GE 300 has the potential to connect up to 80 users simultaneously.

Georg Winkler is convinced that the new generation of intercom servers from Commend represents the latest state of IP technology. "Earlier, we were limited in many areas. However, the new intercom servers GE 300 and GE 800, thanks to their IP technology, permit an unlimited number of calls and higher processing power for individual users. This opens up a huge range of future possibilities for our customers."


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