Commend SIP 3.4 raises the bar of integrated intelligence yet again

Commend SIP

With new/updated software, Commend´s SIP stations are getting even more intelligent. We are constantly developing and enhancing our SIP stations with the addition of new, powerful functions. Once again, SIP stations by Commend lead the way with their combination of high speech quality and innovative functionality.

The bar has now been raised even further with the release of the latest version SIP 3.4. Important additonal features are Loudspeaker-Microphone Monitoring, If/Then conditions within action sequences and the possibility to integrate Commend SIP stations into secured networks.

Microphone and Loudspeaker Monitoring - New for SIP

A feature of Commend Intercom Stations, Loudspeaker-Microphone Monitoring is now available on our SIP stations.

Here is how it works

The SIP station emits an audio signal through the loudspeaker, which is immediately “heard” and analysed by the microphone. The audio test signal is almost inaudible to the User.

SIP-StationThe integrated DSP (digital signal processor) then compares the signal received by the microphone with the original one sent to the loudspeaker. If either component is not functioning properly (e. g., if the microphone has been blocked by something like chewing gum, or if the loudspeaker is wet or damaged), the DSP will detect this and send a message to the control room, from where a maintenance technician can be arranged to check and repair the station.

So Commend SIP stations do not have to be tested manually, as they are continuously doing so themselves. Not only does this save considerable time and effort, it also ensures the ultimate system availability, as a failure does not have to wait until the next routine check or until someone complains about the Intercom Station not working.

Microphone and Loudspeaker Monitoring for SIP is quite a unique and nice feature compared to other DTMF based systems on the market. Smooth, secure communication is ensured precisely when and where it´s needed.

If/then conditions in Action Sequences

Action Sequences (the built-in intelligence of our SIP stations) have been greatly enhanced as well. The SIP 3.4 release now enables if/then conditions within Action Sequences. This provides the ability to trigger pre-defined automatic (re)actions in response to a specific event.

For example, pressing the Emergency button of a station between 7am and 5pm may connect the call to the security service personnel. At other times, the emergency call can be forwarded to a mobile phone to ensure round-the-clock availability at lower cost during night shifts.

This feature means even more “self-intelligence” in every Commend-SIP-station, allowing you to automate, and thus simplify, recurring processes in your SIP system.

Safe SIP Stations - Easy integration into security networks

Also, the SIP 3.4 Release offers a higher level of secure communication. So far it was not possible to integrate SIP stations into secured networks. With the support of 802.1X you can now integrate Commend SIP stations seamlessly into professional secure networks for corporate environments.

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About CommendCommend

Commend develops and manufactures Security and Communication systems for protection of people, buildings and values. The Commend International GmbH was founded in 1971 and is one of the world’s largest providers of Intercom Systems. Currently 130 employees are stationed in the headquarters in Salzburg; in the international partner network 350 people are working together. Rescue forces, fire brigade, police and other security facilities rely on the dependability of this Salzburg Company as well as hospitals and nursing homes. Terminals, modules and stations from Commend for integration of speech, image and data can also be found in control rooms of the German automobile industry, in emergency call systems of subways, such as the London Underground, in many buildings for control of barriers and lifts and increase security on parking lots, parking garages. Commend products and solutions are long term investments, because they can be expanded and


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