The Commend Public Address Solution for Car Parks

A comfortable atmosphere, safety for customers, and higher revenues

Commend in your car park

Next time you get that uneasy feeling on the way to the exit in a dark parking garage, Don Giovanni might help. If that’s not your sort of thing, Clapton’s soothing guitar strums or soft beats from the lounge box may also be helpful in getting over those anxious moments that some parking garage users experience even during the day.

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your car park

Science shows that music affects our mood in that it can produce a soothing effect. This, for once, isn’t one of our innovations.

Fortunately, you won’t have to conduct your own orchestra to keep your patrons’ adrenaline in check. Our technology is your vehicle! Commend Public Address helps to reduce stress levels for a better customer experience. After all, a patron who feels safe and reassured is likely to come again.

Lead the way for your parking customers

With the installation of a Commend Public Address solution you can combine business and pleasure. You can help your patrons to navigate the way to the exit – for example, by closing specific gates – while keeping them up to date on special events and offers.

One way of doing so would be to open a live PA connection or playback pre-recorded messages. Announcements help to reinforce customer loyalty, support security – and earn your patrons’ appreciation.

Boost customer satisfaction

...with background music, announcements and immediate help in case of emergencies.                  

Boost your revenue

... with paid advertisements in your Public Address audio stream.

 Get in touch with your local Commend partner for more information.

Commend car park

About CommendCommend logo

Commend is one of the world’s largest providers of high-end Security Communication systems. A member of worldwide security solution provider THK Group, Commend International was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Salzburg, Austria.

With app. 160 employees at its headquarters, Commend is well integrated into THK Group’s 4.800 worldwide staff and also maintains an international partner network of more than 400 people (spanning more than 40 countries ). The corporate culture has a strong focus on people and cooperative partnerships to ensure outstanding user value with systems known for their superior reliability, convenience and voice intelligibility / clarity of voice transmission.

Commend Control Desks and Intercom Stations for security communication solutions incorporate speech, video, data and third-party equipment control. They embrace the most useful networking and mobile technologies and serve millions of users every day, for example in the German automobile industry, at public transport services such as the London Underground, as well as numerous buildings, road traffic and parking facilities the world over.

Commend offers dedicated turnkey solutions for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Parking, Lifts, Prisons, Police, Heavy Industry, Airport, Rail and Transport infrastructure, Military and many other Top Security communication applications.

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