Commend: Trusted Communication for Car Parks, With Cloud-Powered Ease and Security

Symphony Cloud Parking is designed specifically with the needs of small and medium-sized parking operations in mind.

A reliable, fully functional communication solution for small to medium-sized car parks that can be set up and configured in a matter of minutes? Without the need for a local hardware server? Is that even possible? Absolutely!

Trust the Commend Symphony Cloud Parking solution to give you all the tools you need – and do all the heavy lifting for you as well! It runs seamlessly in a Symphony Mesh or Symphony Cloud environment – the choice is yours. The result is ultra-reliable communication and control that fully adjusts to your individual business needs. Symphony Cloud Parking is designed specifically with the needs of small and medium-sized parking operations in mind: anything from commercial parking providers to business complexes, campuses, hospitals, residential buildings and company parking lots. All it takes is to set up your preferred options, and let Symphony do the rest.

Use the Symphony Cloud Management Platform to configure help and emergency call points with Intercom terminals, cameras or other equipment, say, at the entry and exit gates or at your pay-on-foot terminals. Securely integrate your staff’s mobile phones and devices using the Symphony Mobile Client or Web Client with just a few taps or clicks. Have calls forwarded to them as needed. And monitor everything conveniently over a web browser to ensure that no call goes unanswered.

To make things even easier for you, why not let Ivy, the world's first Conversational AI-based Intercom Voice Assistant, relieve your staff’s workload by responding to common customer requests with the conversational ease of a human assistant?

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Setting It All up Won’t Take You Longer Than It Takes to Brew a Nice Cup of Tea

Best of all, your Cloud Parking Solution and all communication are kept securely protected by Symphony’s multi-layered cyber-defence.

Overall, the Symphony Cloud Parking solution comes with all the advantages of a cloud-native services:

  • Highly cost-efficient operation; no need for local server hardware
  • Full scalability that lets your car park communication grow with your business
  • Extremely fast and easy installation and configuration with app-powered tap-and-swipe convenience
  • Secure seamless integration of Intercom devices, cameras, sensors etc. (e.g., at gates or pay-on-foot-machines) and staff’s mobile devices
  • Built from the ground up on the principle of “Privacy and Security by Design”: high-level, multi-layered data security keeps connections encrypted and access to sensitive functions protected in accordance with highest cyber-security standards
  • Automated security and feature updates – no administrative interaction or maintenance required
  • Web Client and Mobile Client management software runs seamlessly on existing infrastructure
  • Full access to latest Symphony features such as “Ivy”, the world's first Conversational AI-based Intercom Voice Assistant that supports customer desk staff by answering routine customer calls like a human would

Got any questions or need assistance in finding the perfect solution for your business? Just reach out to your local Commend Partner.

And don’t forget to book your free personal demo of Ivy’s capabilities [here]

Ready for the Cloud?

Find out how a Symphony Cloud Parking Solution can reduce costs and increase revenue for your business

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