CSL Router Was Chosen by Parkingeye to Provide Reliable IoT Connectivity for EV Chargers in Their Parking Bays

After looking at various options, they identified CSL Router as the ideal solution to meet their IoT requirements.

Parkingeye is a market-leading company in car park management. Their focus is solving problems for landowners, businesses, and managing agents who experience parking issues on their sites. Parkingeye is the largest private sector operator of ANPR car park management. They work hard to raise standards within the industry and to promote compliance with parking-specific regulations.

image of CSL's RouterThey needed a trustworthy partner for IoT connectivity to ensure the best service and reliability. After looking at various options, they identified CSL Router as the ideal solution to meet their IoT requirements.

Parkingeye is proud to offer quick, efficient, and dependable Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging solutions. This helps businesses provide working charging points for their customers. They offer rapid charging, easy payment as well as unmatched reliability and uptime. Without a reliable IoT connectivity solution to support this, Parkingeye's solutions could not guarantee the service their customers depend upon.

image of a male charging EV outdoors payment app

Another problem that Parkingeye works to solve is Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles using EV parking bays. This means that EV drivers cannot use their service. CSL's IoT solutions allow Parkingeye to utilise its advanced ANPR technology in specific parking spaces. This ensures that these spaces are consistently available for their intended purpose.

CSL Router provides a private encrypted network for managed IoT solutions with secure, reliable connectivity. CSL was able to offer two bespoke IoT Router solutions to meet the demands of two of Parkingeye's solutions. They installed a Single SIM variant for Bay Enforcement, whilst the ParkEV Solution utilises a Dual SIM variant.

CSL Router connects Parkingeye's bays at all times, guaranteeing constant service availability, 24/7 through our remote management and private encrypted network.

We proactively monitor and remotely manage our IoT routers to ensure maximum uptime. Users always have access to EV chargers and Parkingeye ensures the bays are used correctly, making them more accessible and reliable. The always-on connectivity that we provide is part of our commitment to meeting the 99% availability requirement set by the government.

Adrian Cunliffe, Chief Product & Technology Officer (Director) at Parkingeye, commented:

"We are impressed with CSL because their connection is secure and reliable. This has helped us ensure that EV charger bays are always available and our charging infrastructure is always working. These are two problems in the industry that we have tried to solve.

Our charging infrastructure relies on a real-time and secure connection. This makes sure that the infrastructure is always ready for customers and prevents any problems while charging. Issues such as locked charging cables or aborted charging sessions are now in the past!

The availability of an electric car charger bay is also key to meeting customer satisfaction. CSL allows us to prevent ICE vehicles and hybrids from using the bays as parking spaces. This frees up the shared public infrastructure to all that need it.”

For over 25 years, CSL has been the leading European provider of critical connectivity. Today, our solutions provide reliable IoT connectivity for over 2,500 EV charging stations.

Our Managed Roaming IoT SIMs and Routers are suitable for multiple applications in the Parking Industry. Our IoT solutions support core functions of the parking ecosystem that are reliant on network connectivity. This includes Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, Payment Machines, ANPR, Smart Parking and CCTV.

For more information or to speak to one of our IoT Experts, contact us today!

logo of CSL GroupAbout CSL Group

CSL was founded by Simon Banks in 1996, as a UK alarm signalling provider. Today, we have over 2 million managed connections supporting mission-critical IoT applications across Europe, and we are continuing to grow and innovate.
We connect, manage and secure the Internet of Things. The world of Critical Connectivity is ever changing. We're constantly developing, evolving and transforming our platforms and services to bring our customers more powerful connected solutions.


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