CTC: A chip that speaks many languages

At the start of June, LEGIC Identsystems AG announced the launch of its first cross-standard transponder chip – CTC for short. The CTC4096-MP410 supports the prime RF standard of LEGIC as well as LEGIC advant (ISO 14443A) and brings new possibilities for card manufacturers and end users.

At the end of the financial year, LEGIC Identsystems AG was able to announce the launch of the first family of multi-RF transponder chips. CTC are innovative in that they are both LEGIC advant and prime transponders at the same time. The CTC4096-MP410 has a 4kb memory; 3kb for the LEGIC advant memory and 1kb for the LEGIC prime memory. A LEGIC prime reader can access the latter without additional tools. A LEGIC advant reader can access both the LEGIC advant memory as well as the prime memory.

The first of a multi-lingual family

“With CTC technology, we are introducing a family of multi-RF transponder chips, which offers an easy solution to integrate several RF standards”, explains Reinhard Kalla, Vice President Product Marketing & New Business at LEGIC Identsystems AG. “CTC is possibly the first solution of this kind that operates faultlessly.” Future versions of CTC4096-MP410 will be based on the same technology platform and allow communication in several RF standards.

Considerable advantages for manufacturers and end users

For manufacturers of storage media, the CTC generation signifies simplified card design: until now, communication in different RF standards required two chips each with an antenna; now only one chip with antenna is required, thus saving on costs. “CTC users will be the ones to reap the most benefits”, emphasises Kalla. “CTC allows to use one card within a mixed reader infrastructure. the migration from LEGIC prime to LEGIC advant to take place in steps or selectively. For example, the prime user can convert selected fields with very high security requirements individually to LEGIC advant, without having to change the entire system. Or, he can implement the migration from prime to LEGIC advant in several steps. “With CTC, we give our end customers full flexibility in developing their system”, sums up Kalla.

In operation soon

The CTC4096-MP410 has already been thoroughly tested and is on the way to being put into practical application. For one major customer, several hundred thousands of pieces had already been produced at the time of the launch. Successful market penetration is therefore not an issue.

About Legic 

Based on a vision of an entire authorization management system using a single identification credential led in 1992 to launch the LEGIC technology. LEGIC was first in the world to introduce a contactless and secure smart card technology platform for access control and other identification applications operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. This trendsetting achievement was the foundation of the rapid advancement of contactless smart card systems which enjoy global acceptance today. The technological edge quickly made LEGIC the leading provider worldwide with representation in over 25 countries.

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