Parking Guidance System - Case Study Dillingen (DE)

- Dillingen, Germany, EU

In 2012, CUR-Systemtechnik got the mission to find a suitable parking guidance solution for an outside parking area with about 60 parking spaces. The parking area is in an inner courtyard and not visible from the access road, therefore the motorists should be informed about the parking situation on the access road to avoid additional traffic, simplify finding a parking space and raise the occupancy rate.

In the parking area, only 36 parking spaces are for public use, the remaining are reserved for residents and customers of a nearby bank. Because the information sign should only show the unoccupied public spaces, it is not an option to count the incoming and outgoing vehicles. The only solution is to detect every single public parking space to get accurate information about the residual spaces.

System components

Single space sensors MFS400 IRSingle space sensors MFS400 IR

To get information about every single parking space, we used our MFS single space detection system. The system is based on the MFS400 IR sensors, which do neither need an external power supply nor a wired data connection. The sensor connects automatically to a wireless mesh network, and has an internal battery, which lasts about 5-10 years. The sensor can detect a vehicle magnetically and optically. The combined detection effectively detects vehicles using a sophisticated algorithm to ensure detection is invulnerable to snow, dirt and leafs.

The single space sensors are mounted in paving blocks for nice design and easy replacement. They were fixed in the block using liquid concrete mortar.

MFS400 Relay nodesMSF400 Relay nodes

The relay nodes are the repeater in the wireless mesh network. They transmit the data packages from the sensors or other relay nodes over the wireless mesh network to the data collector. To get a safe and fast network, three relay nodes are installed on the parking area. They also do not need an external power supply and were mounted to the lamp posts.

Data collector, industrial PC and sign

All the additional components are installed in the sign housing. The data collector is the interface between the wireless mesh network and the control software, which is running on the industrial PC. The two displays showing the free parking spaces are also controlled via the PC.

Data collector, industrial PC and sign

System overview

System structure

Every sensor connects to the data collector whether directly or via relay nodes. The network is self-organizing and always chooses the shortest way for a data package to the data collector. And the network is also failsafe: If a relay node fails, sensors can connect among each other, so that the network is not affected in most cases.

System Structure

Control softwareControl Software

The control software visualizes the parking area and helps configuring and maintaining the system. In this case, it is only accessible for the CUR technicians to check the system periodically. But it is also possible to let the local authorities connect to the system, e.g. to access the built-in parking time control. This parking time control doublechecks the occupancy state of each sensor to ensure a correct parking time value. If a sensor is occupied longer than the configured time, it is shown in a different color on the map. There are also different user levels in the software to prevent unintentional configuration.


Some impressions of the parking area

Parking Area Dillingen

Parking Area DillingenParking Area DillingenParking Area Dillingen

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