Cityzen Parking & Services Manages The Curbside Area At Mykonos Airport For The Second Consecutive Year With DESIGNA Equipment

- Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos Airport

Cityzen, our partner in Greece, known for its major projects like Athens Airport, continues to advance with our systems. As part of the continuous development and improvement of Mykonos Airport's infrastructure, Fraport has entrusted Cityzen Parking & Services with the management of the curbside area and the installation of DESIGNA automated parking equipment.

The DESIGNA automated access control system started operating in 2023 and is activated only during the period of increased passenger traffic (from May to October). Cityzen has installed control terminals, access barriers, and license plate recognition (LPR) cameras at each entrance and exit. Drivers who have access rights to the area use a special RFID technology card at the corresponding terminal for identification. Since large vehicles also have access to the area, the terminals at one entrance and exit are set at an appropriate height to serve drivers of large vehicles and buses. All terminals are equipped with an information button that connects the driver to the Cityzen Control Center, which provides 24/7 remote customer service and parking operation management.

Entries-exits without on-site payment

Due to the specific nature of the area where only professional vehicles are allowed and not private ones, the system records the date and time of entry & exit and allows drivers to use the area without paying on-site for each passage. The system generates the required statistics so that the relevant charges are made collectively at the end of the agreed usage period.

Parking Spaces by vehicle category

Although the area is unified, a special arrangement has been made in the parking system so that there are spaces corresponding to 5 different vehicle categories (coaches / vans / mini vans / taxi). Customers are registered according to the type of vehicle, and the system at the entrance recognizes and categorizes the vehicles, simultaneously informing the digital sign at the entrance of the area which displays the available spaces by category.

Flexible pricing policies

The system allows the parking manager to apply different - pricing policies depending on the number of entries/exits - for a specific period. Thus, for vehicles that make frequent passages through the area, there is a different charge according to the system's parameters.

With the installation of modern DESIGNA parking equipment, Cityzen provides a solution for Mykonos Airport for the upgrading of the curbside traffic management.


Mykonos Airport Parking Area Entrance Sunny Perspective



DESIGNA - The company’s visionary standards have led to the development of innovative products and solutions for the parking management sector for more than 65 years.


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