Connectivity - the future of an entire industry

DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik is setting standards with new product solutions

Connectivity, DESIGNA is setting standards with new product solutions

Connectivity, or product solutions in an open system, are a trend that DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH recognised at an early stage. As the first provider of ASP (Private Cloud Services), DESIGNA emphasises networking, security and flexibility with its parking management systems.

Initially, connectivity was the term for the state of being connected or linked. A to B, computer to computer, smart phone to smart phone, or person to person. And yet it is so much more. Without a doubt, in future connectivity will become a basic requirement for economic success.

Translated to the parking industry, connectivity represents the key to reacting at lightning speed without detour or delay as well as a new digital connectedness vis-à-vis the customer. For many car park operators it is a mental process, as in recent years both the basic framework of their business and the expectations of customers have changed a great deal.

Looked at from a purely technical perspective, connectivity opens up hitherto unimagined possibilities. From the particularly high level of system security and the ability to connect additional parking spaces in next to no time, through to the variety of the new digital media and web & app services, for example as a service for vehicle manufacturers, connectivity is helping to unlock new business areas and possible strategic orientations, including with a view to urban mobility concepts.

For car park operators, connectivity means being able to exploit all of the possibilities of the new digital boom. In order to accomplish this networking quality, strong systems and partners, such as DESIGNA, are essential. As experienced specialists, they work together towards the same goal. For connectivity as a challenge and an opportunity simultaneously.


In 1951 DESIGNA became Germany's first producer and supplier of parking meters. DESIGNA's history of innovation continued. At the end of the seventies, the Kiel-based enterprise was able to to introduce its first fully automatic parking system. The company's programme has now been further developed to encompass fully comprehensive solutions, from the design and planning phase right through to the installation and service of fully automatic parking systems. The experience DESIGNA has acquired over the last 50 years continues to benefit customers at every stage of the project.


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