DESIGNA ASP: secure Cloud Service. And that since 2008.

The question that the Swiss herbal candy manufacturer so succinctly formulated has now passed into general use: Who invented it? Followed by an unmistakeable clarification. A clarification just as clearly defined is also needed for "Cloud Services", which now almost seem to be in general usage. After all, it was DESIGNA, which astonished the car park world four years back with its revolutionary outsourcing service launch.

At the time, however, there was no such thing as the now fashionable "cloud" notion. Hence, the talk at DESIGNA in a technical sense is of Application Service Providing (ASP). Outsourcing hosting, system monitoring and IT services to an external service provider. But there is still an important difference which affects security. Instead of entrusting data and service to non-defined "Cloud Computing", you come to rely - through DESIGNA ASP - on highly secure and physically traceable high-performance servers.

That is one of the reasons why so many of our customers - after some initial security qualms - have now switched over their parking space management to ASP and thus benefit from our track record. Day-to-day operations clearly show that this model provides maximum fail-safeness thanks to state-of-the-art server and backup technologies. And this is in addition to all the other huge benefits such as any scalability wanted and constant availability of all information over the web browser.

Furthermore, we let figures speak for themselves as to the experience we have gained in practice - some 38,000 parking spaces are already being managed by way of DESIGNA ASP in 143 car parks - tendency markedly upwards. Some 74 million entries and exits have been controlled and recorded without a hitch and visually prepared thanks to ultra-modern software interfaces. And every second sees something else happening. An insight into the efficiency of our ASP is provided by a counter specially set up on DESIGNA's website, which constantly indicates the ongoing totals of ASP-controlled entries and exits.

Come and rely on our experience and get to know more via on the opportunities that ASP opens up for you.


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