Paying for parking on the move: SMS payment with PM ABACUS

Intermobility has taken the next step into the future: DESIGNA has successfully started up the first PM ABACUS system with SMS payment in the Czech Republic. This once again shows that PM ABACUS is a leader in terms of safeguarding the future and integrating new technologies. 
sms abacus.jpg
This service and payment model is particularly attractive to the owner/operator because it does not require any additional hardware whatsoever, and can be integrated in an existing system extremely quickly. The parking fee is calculated on the existing server in the background, and the result is sent to the end customer via the provider.

SMS payment is also a convenient additional feature to car park customers, who are becoming increasingly used to mobile phone transactions. Before leaving the car park, the customer transmits the (abbreviated) ticket number to the provider via SMS, without the need for advance notification. The customer then just has to confirm the calculated amount and the payment procedure is complete - no need to use a pay station. The collected amount then appears on your next phone bill.

"As well as providing service and handling advantages, the fact that the use of state-of-the-art technologies sets us apart from the competition should not be underestimated", says DESIGNA CEO Dr. Thomas Waibel about the potential of this innovative server-based procedure. Other projects are in an advanced stage of planning. 


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