RETHINK, RENEW, REDEFINE, RESHAPE. DESIGNA at Intertraffic 2010 in Amsterdam.

At the Intertraffic 2010 show, DESIGNA will be presenting a wide range of interesting developments and new versions of the company's parking facility management solutions as well as an important innovation: ASP (Application Service Providing) by DESIGNA.
Instead of installing a separate server for each car park, as is conventionally done, DESIGNA has developed the ASP solution which allows customers to manage their facilities online through the Internet on a central server. DESIGNA is the only company worldwide offering this type of system. With the ASP solution, DESIGNA provides secure, fail-safe operation of the central server, thus giving car park operators the option of leasing industry-specific applications through the Internet and avoiding expensive investment in IT structures and know-how, freeing them up to concentrate fully on their core competencies. This new form of IT structure allows DESIGNA's customers to achieve cost savings of up to 30%. 

The new Service Modul for more efficiency

Yet more proof of how far DESIGNA leads the field with its advanced solutions is the new Service Module for the PM ABACUS system. This new system is based on the results of in-depth discussions with customers and it delivers significantly higher efficiency in maintenance. The system is the first of its kind to provide operators with all the benefits of efficient, long-term planning of maintenance jobs and the ability to recognise and rectify system defects in advance. If, for instance, the reading head of a multicon will need to be cleaned in the near future or the ticket supply needs replenishing soon, this information is automatically sent to the control centre or by text message to the responsible service technician. This results in optimised deployment planning for service technicians because trips and routes can be efficiently planned and advance information is provided about any materials that are required. The result: shorter, more precise deployment of service technicians, reduced stocks of spare parts, minimised downtimes for parking facilities and satisfied parking customers.

The new entry/exit control device ENT 120 BlueEdition

In recent years there has been a growing awareness that the world has limited resources and that energy consumption needs to be reduced and energy used intelligently. As an early adopter, this insight has informed and shaped DESIGNA's products and operations for many years. DESIGNA designs products that help to save energy. The best example of this commitment is the company's latest product development: the entry/exit control device ENT 120 BlueEdition, which has by far the lowest power consumption of any device in its class. The new ENT 120 BlueEdition is a full member of the PM ABACUS family and has all the trendsetting innovations that underpin DESIGNA's technological market leadership, including state-of-the-art RFID and networking technologies. Just how much development expertise is in the ENT BlueEdition can be seen in its pioneering energy management. The device goes into sleep mode if there is no vehicle in the vicinity, reducing power consumption to only 2 watts. Approaching vehicles are registered through an induction loop and standby mode is activated. The illuminated ring around the ticket slit shows the driver where to insert the ticket. Only when the ticket button is pressed does the device power up into working mode. Welcome to the future of efficient handling.
Increased vehicle heights, for instance SUVs, have been integrated into the new ENT 120 BlueEdition by positioning the operating panel 8 cm higher. Together with the illuminated ticket button, this makes operating the terminal even easier and more intuitive. And to ensure that service staff do not have to stand in and potentially block the entry lane to refill the tickets, the service flap has been positioned on the side of the terminal. For maintenance work the entire cover can be removed, thus providing easy, unhindered access to all components from three sides. The new collection container for the tickets is made of jute instead of plastic, meaning that it is not only sustainable, but also that it can hold more tickets because it has no static charge, and it is easier to empty. All of these innovations along with the latest PM ABACUS processor technology have been integrated in a stylish, high-quality aluminium casing with a very small footprint.


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