Rubbing coins on pay stations - a quick fix or wilful destruction?

A car park customer is standing in front of the automatic pay station at the end of a busy shopping trip. He puts a 2 euro coin in the slot, but the machine refuses to accept it. The customer tries to physically change the coin by rubbing it on the front of the machine, and then returns the coin to the slot. But the money runs straight through and lands in the collection tray again.
A scene that is repeated millions of times every day in car parks across the world. So is there any truth in the notion that when the pay station won't accept your coins, rubbing and scratching them on the front cover will help? Absolutely none!

Ulrich Lage, a member of DESIGNA's testing facility team provides a logical and simple explanation: "A coin that has been rejected once by the coin validator cannot be changed by external influences to make the machine suddenly accept it. So neither scratching, nor polishing, nor a walk around the block will make any difference."

"The best way of getting yourself out of a situation like this is to change payment methods (use a bank note or credit card) or to ask someone in the queue to change your 2 euro coin for another," he continues. As a large amount of cost and effort are involved in discouraging car park users from believing this widespread myth, DESIGNA offer scratch plates - a cost-effective way of protecting your pay stations from wilful damage.


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