Wörnitz Truck Stop: Secure parking for LGVs with DESIGNAs PM ABACUS system

Parking specialists DESIGNA from Kiel and SVG from Würzburg, have joined together in a successful cooperation to bring a modern parking management system with strict security standards into operation.

Wörnitz Truck Stop: Secure parking for LGVs with DESIGNAs PM ABACUS system

Parking specialists DESIGNA from Kiel and SVG from Würzburg, have joined together in a successful cooperation to bring a modern parking management system with strict security standards into operation.

Wörnitz, 27th November 2008: Thousands of motorists and long distance lorry drivers are the victims of assault every year. The majority of these incidents take place when they are resting in car parks and service stations. The European Union has therefore initiated a pilot project, the aim of which is to build secure parking areas.
One such automated secure car park is currently being developed at the Wörnitz Truck Stop on Exit 109 of Germanys A7 Autobahn, north of the A6/A7 interchange.
The Wörnitz Truck Stop commissioned Würzburger Stadtverkehrs GmbH and DESIGNA to create an LGV parking area that complies with the strictest security standards. While Würzburger Stadtverkehrs GmbH has been responsible for the overall management of the project, parking specialist DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH will supply the site with its PM ABACUS parking system.

Vehicle access and entry controls, plus intercoms and CCTV are all fundamental aspects of a modern car park and are fully integrated into DESIGNAs parking system. When an LGV drives along the entrance slip to the terminal it is identified as a heavy goods vehicle through induction loop recognition, enabling the driver to obtain a ticket conveniently from inside the vehicles cab. At the same time as the parking ticket is requested, the following functions are activated by DESIGNAs PM ABACUS system, archived in image form in the parking guidance systems database server and linked to the ticket information:

- Registration of the licence plate
- Taking of the drivers photograph
- Taking of a photo of the vehicle from the top left
- Taking of a photo of the vehicle from the top right.

The ticket is then generated and issued with the vehicles registration number printed on it. The barrier and sliding gate, which are designed to operate smoothly and quickly, open and close again once the vehicle has passed through the entrance. During this time the vehicle is captured by camera on all sides and the images are stored digitally in the integrated video system.

High security standards are critical to this project, explains Ronny Pflug, the Managing Director of the Wörnitz Truck Stop. For this reason, even after the LGV has been parked, it is recorded by a further 4 dome cameras and the images digitally archived. The cameras sweep continuously over the car park and record the video sequences," he continues. The LGV driver can leave and re-enter the car park via the pedestrian gate at the entrance / exit once his parking ticket has been successfully checked. In the process, every visitor is photographed by integrated cameras and once again the images are digitally stored.
In order to leave the car park with his LGV, the driver has to pay for his ticket in the service station shop. This process requires the ticket to be scanned into the cash terminal by the shop employee. The following information is then displayed:

- A picture of the driver
- The vehicles licence plate
- The parking charges

The shop employee is then able to visually compare the picture of the driver taken at the entrance with the person paying. If the pictures are consistent, the LGV driver can pay for the parking and return to his vehicle with the enabled ticket.
The vehicle is also recorded in the digital system by video camera as it leaves. At the same time departing vehicles licence number is compared with the number recorded upon arrival. If the numbers do not correspond, a conflict alarm sounds, which can only be manually released after being checked by a member of the shop's staff.

Unlike in other secure parking areas, every process at the Wörnitz Truck Stop will be fully automated. DESIGNA innovations such as the PM ABACUS systems licence plate recognition make it possible to operate modern secure parking areas without the need for large numbers of personnel, adds Marten Jentsch, DESIGNAs sales director. The overall concept was planned and implemented by Christian Rauch, the head of sales/project planning at Würzburger Stadtverkehrs GmbH, and in close cooperation with Ronnie Pflug, the managing director of Wörnitz Truck Stop.

About the Wörnitz Truck Stop

The Wörnitz Truck Stop is located to the north of the A6/A7 intersection at exit 109 of the A7 Autobahn.

Wörnitz Truck Stop
Managing Director: Ronny Pflug
Bastenauer Str. 10 12
91637 Wörnitz, Germany
Telephone: + 49 (0)9868 - 98940
Email: r.pflug@autohof-woernitz.de

About Würzburger Stadtverkehrs GmbH

Würzburger Stadtverkehrs GmbH currently operates and oversees 50 parking garages and car parks throughout Germany. The company offers barriers, payment terminal systems and CCTV and intercom systems all from a single source. SVG was, in 1988, the first company of its kind in Germany to implement centralised parking management systems without on-site personnel.
From technical equipment planning through to turnkey delivery, SVG is a competent partner.

Würzburger Stadtverkehrs GmbH
Christian Rauch
Sales / Project Planning
Haugerring 5
97070 Würzburg, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)931 361916
Email: christian.rauch@wvv.de


DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH develops, produces, installs and maintains fully automatic parking management systems worldwide. Over 6,000 DESIGNA systems are in operation in more than 55 countries every day. And almost every working day somewhere in the world another two are added to this number. The range of systems covers individual parking garages to integrated, intelligent system solutions that administer thousands of airport parking spaces or are networked across cities.

For further information contact:
Nadine Lübbe
DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH
Faluner Weg 3
24109 Kiel
Telephone: +49 (0)431 5336-249
E-mail: marketing@designa.com
Website: www.designa.com


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