Future predictions of the EV charging market in 2016

Future predictions of the EV charging market in 2016

What do you think will be the future trends in EV charging and how will the market evolve in 2016? We asked these questions to Mr Artur Sychov, CEO of EASYCHARGE.me GmbH in an exclusive interview for Parking Network News.

Artur Sychov: “I think we will see people and companies thinking more in details about how to equip their premises with charging stations and how to actually serve the growing amount of customers driving electric cars. So, how to address them and at the same time trying to figure out how to make some money on it or at least not to lose money. Right now, for most of the companies it’s a pure cost. Figuring out how to make money on EV charging stations, building the infrastructure and trying to see more in details the whole value proposition will be the main trend of 2016 in the EV charging market.

We will see quite a bit of consolidation of the market in terms of companies more working together to get to a desired result. Whether it’s building a cheap, cost-effective infrastructure or having a roaming network which covers most of the charging stations out there so that your customers can easily go and charge everywhere. Also important is payment function:  From the perspective of the EV driver it is important that you can simply pay with whatever payment system you are using everywhere without complicated procedures.

On the EPA Congress/Parken 2015 we launched the LEVIAMP charging station, which will hit the market in 2016. We are already talking to a lot of companies who want to adopt it. On the other hand we are thinking of working beyond the simple charging station or even a charging station that is connected to the internet. We try to think how companies can earn money by owning the charging station or by having it in their garages. That is why we introduce the new charging station based on our LEVIAMP which will have a projector inside and will allow companies to advertise or to put any kind of content in the garage or on the garage floor. You have full control over the data and you can monetize with advertisement. Think of it as Google adwords for physical spaces in the garages. So, in 2016 we will bring a projector charging station to the market and will try to come up with new ways of how companies can actually make money on EV charging stations.”


EASYCHARGE.me GmbH is a German based company which specializes on designing, producing and implementing smart solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to provide fast and affordable access to charging infrastructure for SME's, corporate or private customers.


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