EASYCHARGE.me offers world’s first integrated Lighting and Charging Solutions for Parking Operators

EASYCHARGE.me teams up with RentaLite to offer an energy-saving initiative that combines high quality LED lighting and the LEVIAMP smart charger


EASYCHARGE.me and RentaLite partnered up to offer the world’s first full service package that includes high quality LED lighting throughout the parking garage as well as the LEVIAMP smart chargers with integrated LED light.

The full service package starts with an energy calculation. The current lighting setup is assessed and a new custom made plan is created. The old lamps are replaced with high quality LED lighting with a lifespan of up to 100.000 operational hours.

With the money saved with the new efficient LED lighting, parking operators choose how many lamps they would like to be replaced with the LEVIAMP smart car chargers. This unique ceiling charger includes all standard features of modern smart EV charging stations and an LED lamp that fully illuminates the area.

Both EASYCHARGE.me and RentaLite provide technical advice to the light installer to ensure the whole solution is correctly installed, and parking operators can quickly experience the savings in energy costs.

“We are truly delighted to partner with RentaLite in order to fully uncover potential of both our products. Our mission is to help companies and private individuals to install affordable charging infrastructure and cut their CO2 emissions while accelerating a transition to sustainable means of transport. We believe that this combi product will help them to overcome existing financial challenges and provide a way to quickly equip their garages with modern infrastructure”.  – Artur Sychov, CEO EASYCHARGE.me GmbH

Learn more and order this combi solution at www.easycharge.me/rentalite

About EASYCHARGE.me GmbH easycharge.me

EASYCHARGE.me GmbH is a German based company which specializes on designing, producing and implementing smart solutions for electric vehicles. Our vision is to provide fast and affordable access to charging infrastructure for SME's, corporate or private customers.

About RentAliteLogo Rentalite

RentAlite is an innovative research and development center specializing in energy-saving projects. Our main focus is new, highly innovative lighting technology specially designed for companies. We have been working on new developments, production, marketing and sales since 1978. LED was introduced to us in 1980, during this long period we gained a lot of knowledge and experience. The development and production of the current LED technologies, and conventional light replacements, have been with us and our partners, for over 10 years in already. The Premium Power LED technology has proven itself over the last 10 years already (in the horticulture).


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