EasyPark and E.On Make it Even Easier to Charge Your Electric Vehicle


Cost, ease of access to charging and maintenance all have a significant impact on whether Danes choose to buy an EV. With that in mind, mobile service provider EasyPark and energy provider E.ON are launching a whole new mobile based solution, focusing on making life easier for EV drivers. In EasyPark’s app, drivers can now find two new additional services: an overview of all E.ON’s charing stations in Denmark, as well as payment for parking and charging in one transaction. This new service from E.ON and EasyPark is a big step towards creating a greener Denmark.

In recent years there hasn’t been a lot of good news for Danish EV-drivers. While other countries have been establishing subsidiaries to benefit EV-drivers, Denmark was headed in the opposite direction, with a significant increase in car registration tax for EV’s. However, a majority in the Danish parliament recently backflipped on this decision which is great for current Danish EV-owners and potential EV drivers alike.

E.ON, the company which runs Denmark’s largest network of charging stations and delivers renewable energy to electric vehicles, has joined forces with EasyPark, Denmark’s most popular parking app, to establish a new service together. With just a few taps on your smartphone, drivers can now find E.ON charging stations and pay for charging via the EasyPark app, allowing the users to save more time and money.

We know that the price of EV’s, easy charging and simple maintenance are the three main factors when Danes consider buying an EV. Therefore we are introducing a new solution via EasyPark’s parking app that will guide you directly to the nearest charger, allowing you to always know where you can charge your car. Simultaneously you can for pay your charging through the app, even without being a registered E.ON user. This is a major benefit and we hope it can help more drivers to choose to drive an EV,” says Torben Fog, Business manager, Head of e-Mobility Solutions at E.ON.

A smarter, greener solution

EasyPark says they want to make urban life easier for EV-drivers through this new collaboration.

Our vision is to make it as easy as possible for drivers to find and pay for parking in the city. With our app you can already start, stop and prolong your parking – no matter whether you are at a meeting, in a café or even abroad. Now we are looking to make it easier to be an EV-driver as well, by allowing users to pay for parking and charging through just one transaction. We want to contribute to the creation of smarter and more sustainable solutions that help create greener and more livable cities,” says Lasse Barsholm, Country Manager for EasyPark Denmark.

E.ON has Denmark’s biggest network with more than 1,300 publicly available charging stations all over the country. EasyPark is available in every single Danish city with paid parking, plus an additional 600 cities in 9 countries across Europe.

Happy EV-drivers

Copenhagen remains firmly focused on green initiatives, with an ambition to be CO2-neutral by 2025. The new solution from EasyPark and E.ON is another step in the right direction, which is something that appeals to environmentally conscious EV-drivers in the city.

New features like this are helping to make cities like Copenhagen greener. This benefits both drivers and everyone that spends time in the city. I think it’s great if I can assist in making the city a better place to be, while being a role model for the rest of the world,” says Troels Varming-Petersen, who owns a Tesla EV himself.

Later this year, another feature will be launched with the same objective of improving life in the city. EasyPark is on their way with a new technology that guides drivers directly to find available parking via their smartphone. This will help reduce the amount of time that drivers waste to find a parking spot as well as the pollution that is created as a result. The technology is known as Find & Pay and will make parking easier for all drivers in Denmark, whether they drive an EV, Hybrid or a regular car.

About EasyPark Group EasyPark

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