EasyPark works towards the reduction of traffic congestion with in-app parking availability

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Identifying a problem is one step, finding the solution is another. When the search for a parking space contributes to up to 30% of traffic congestion in a city, governments need a long-term solution to reduce this figure. EasyPark, along with Nedap and WorldSensing, has now taken the next step in parking guidance, with real-time on-street parking availability.

Adding to the already thousands of off-street parking spots with real-time availability mapped within the app, EasyPark becomes the first digital parking provider to also make real-time on-street parking available through the app. By guiding the motorist to an available parking spot, the amount of circling is limited, thus contributing to the reduction of traffic congestion and pollution within the city.

Taking real-time data from sensor providers such as Nedap and WorldSensing along with other sources, the EasyPark app allows motorists to quickly find available parking spots. This data, often untapped by cities, will now be utilised to its full potential. By working with EasyPark, cities can immediately make the data useful with no added work, development or cost.

“We are thrilled at the many possibilities this step brings in on our work with cities globally. Helping cities improve the lives of citizens and ensuring the city runs smoothly is on the top of mind for so many.” comments Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark. “In this age of exponential data, working with our esteemed partners allows us to harness important information, combining it with our real-time interface at the time of need. We can do this now, enabling data to help change motorist’s behaviour, with the end goal of improving mobility within the city.”

“Motorists can already use our app to find available off-street parking spots and pay for them. And now in a growing number of selected cities, find and pay for on-street parking as well,” continues Birgersson. “This is not only great news for the environment, by reducing congestion in the cities, but also practically for the citizens, who save a lot of valuable time and nerves.”

EasyPark has become an indispensable service with millions of customers across Europe who conveniently find and pay for parking using their connected devices, such as the car or the smartphone.

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For more than a decade, EasyPark has been changing the way parking payments are delivered with a constant drive to bring superior interfaces and services to our users. Through our customer interfaces and services, EasyPark has gained invaluable insight into the user’s needs and expectations for our parking operator clients, enabling us to help change the way end-user needs are met.

We now aim to spread the knowledge we have gained and share our experience by delivering superior innovative parking solutions.


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