EV-Charge America Awarded Statewide Contracts with Minnesota

EV-Charge America announces the award of multi-year contracts with the State of Minnesota (which will include municipalities, cities and other state agencies), to manufacture, install and maintain some of the first Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) in the state.
ob Rosinski, EV-Charge Americas CEO states that The EV-Charge America Team has ramped up the production of its multi-vehicle, Level II Ground Mounted Charging Stations and dual vehicle, Wall Mounted Charging Stations in anticipation of the first deliveries to the state of Minnesota in the very near future.

With the rollout of the first fully electric plug-in vehicles just around the corner, there could not be a better time to ramp up production and help the communities across the country prepare the EV infrastructure for their arrival, says Rosinski, adding The EV-Charge America, Charge Net Stations are state of the art and include smart, Grid Point Software and EV-Charge Americas own Intelligent Grid Software for integration with the Xcel Energy companys EV grid management, demand/response tools. In addition, each customer who uses the EVCA stations will be provided with a key ring size RFID Tag, (Radio Frequency Identification) device which can be passed in front of the charging station to begin a charge, or programmed in advanced at an internet portal or web-enabled, smart phone, for charging station reservations.

These implementations coincide with the recent release of the Nissan Leaf, and Chevy Volt. Most other Auto Manufacturers both here and abroad will be releasing their own versions of plug-in EVs in the very near future. As this happens, developing and operating a full nationwide network of easily accessible charging stations for EVs becomes a necessity to reduce range anxiety and allow drivers to continue their daily driving routines without fear of interruption.

As more publicly accessible charging stations are installed in parking areas, parking garages, entertainment and sporting venues, potential EV owners, who have hesitated to take that final leap of faith, will finally feel that level of comfort and confidence required when purchasing a fully electric, environmentally friendly vehicle.

In closing, Rosinski states It is through this ground-breaking environmental / economic model that a Global network can pencil-out for the long-term, so that the goal of a truly 'Green' environmentally responsible movement can be sustained, world-wide, in a tangible way, with each new EV purchase.
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