EV Meter: Top 5 Challenges Of EV Charging Management In Multi-Unit Dwellings

(And How To Solve Them)

Overcoming limited electrical capacity, billing issues and EV charging space misuse.

Imagine a tranquil world, void of the sound of engines and motors. It’s closer than you think. By 2025, 30% of cars on the road in Europe are expected to be electric, and by 2035 no new fossil-fueled cars (ICE) will be sold in the EU. As the number of electric vehicle drivers grows, the need for EV charging solutions will as well.

According to the Fuels Institute, EV drivers recharge their cars daily or once every two days. This means that the demand for convenient charging stations will increase, and most EV drivers will demand a charge point at their home or residence. Having the peace of mind that they can charge at home will ease the transition to EV and help reduce carbon emissions around the globe.

However, installing EV charging stations in multi-unit dwellings isn’t so simple, and charge point operators face many challenges in this endeavor. Below, we will highlight the main challenges they face and their solutions.

Limited Electrical Capacity in the Building

Electrical grids have been around for almost 150 years, but they are constantly challenged by the growing demand for electricity. As more people live in concentrated areas and become more dependent on electricity for day-to-day activities, it is inevitable that there will be occasional power outages.

This is not only true for the full grid, but in individual buildings. If several electric cars are charging at the same time, it is almost certain that the building’s power grid will not be able to support it. This is where Hive comes in, EV Meter’s management suite: Its Smart Energy Management Module helps optimize energy consumption to maintain grid stability. It communicates with the grid and with the actively charging stations in real-time, allowing for charge point operators to monitor the network and ensure its stability.

Difficulty Monitoring the Electricity Used for EV Charging

With electricity being used all throughout buildings, it is hard to monitor how much electricity is being used for EV charging on the building’s main electricity board. With Hive and the dedicated embedded meter in the charging station, CPOs can create customizable dashboards and easily track their charging network. This allows CPOs to get an accurate overview of how much electricity from each building goes to charging electric vehicles.

Billing Tenants for the Exact Amount of Electricity Used

Hive not only helps monitor how much of the building’s electricity is used for EV charging, but its billing and clearing services are able to accurately and efficiently invoice drivers for the exact amount of electricity they used. This makes charging at home more convenient for tenants, ensuring that everyone pays their fair share of the electricity, no more, no less. On top of charging for electricity, CPOs can also charge tenants a monthly service fee.

Managing and Operating the Charging Network

Efficiently managing a business is a challenge that all business owners face. There are so many things to keep track of that something is bound to fall through the cracks if it is all done manually. With Hive, Charge Point Operators can easily monitor their charging networks in real-time. With customizable dashboards, a visual map of charging locations and status, and real-time alerts, they can stay on top of their business anytime, anywhere. These tools help CPOs identify problems related to the charging network and access data about their charging stations.

Protecting and Securing Charging Stations

And lastly comes the issue of security. Electricity is a sought-after commodity and a necessity for most, and power theft is becoming a growing issue. However, Hive’s robust system is so good at tracking and monitoring all EV energy use that power theft is nearly impossible. Every action, transaction, and charging session is tracked and monitored, and the CPO can receive alerts the minute something out of the ordinary occurs.

With EV Meter’s solutions, you can rest assured that all of the challenges you face have a solution. EV Meter is a technology-oriented company that is constantly working to improve conditions and accessibility for EV drivers and CPOs.

About EV Meter

EV MeterEV Meter are innovators, creators, and dreamers of a greener future. Established in 2015, EV Meter is facilitating the shift towards a future where transportation is clean, emission-free, and accessible to all through cutting-edge EV charging technologies. Our tailor-made solutions allow private customers and commercial customers to join the e-mobility revolution and gain the most out of their charging equipment.


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