Predictions for the EV Charging Sector in 2019

Hugo Pereira Shares His Predictions for the EV Charging Sector in Our Weekly News Video

To mark the beginning of the year, we asked some of our business members for their insights into the year ahead. Here, Hugo Pereira, Vice President of Growth and Strategy at EVBox shares some of his predictions for what we can expect from the EV Charging Sector in 2019.

What do you think the future trends will be in EV Charging Solutions in 2019?

Hugo Pereira, “In 2019 we will an evolution from charging stations to charging solutions. At the moment, a lot of providers are focusing on the hardware components of EV charging, but we are beginning to see a transition within the industry towards EV charging solutions. The focus is starting to shift towards integrated offerings that fit the needs of people at home, at work and even for large scale EV charging deployment. I think that is the biggest trend that we will start witnessing, the customer looking for hardware only to an integrated, full solution.”

How do you think the EV Charging Solutions market will evolve?

Hugo Pereira, “There are a lot of factors that will affect the evolution of EV charging. These are three which come to mind:

  1. The combination of regular and fast charging will influence the behavior of the driver, and of businesses.
  2. We will see more standardization and legislation around the user experience. This will bring consistency to EV charging, ensuring that users can expect a great experience across countries and markets.
  3. Last but not least, we can expect more countries with mass adoption of EV charging, such as Norway and the Netherlands. These countries, which have adopted a high density of EV charging, will start seeking and demanding more future proof solutions, and solutions which are integrated with the whole journey and experience of the driver and business."

What can we expect from your company in 2019?

Hugo Pereira, “What we can expect from EVBox is a combination of preserving our core and stimulating progress. To preserve our core, we want to keep being a company that is proud of what we are developing. We will continue to focus on bringing EV solutions, to any kind of customer across Europe, North America and even emerging markets. We will also work to offer integrated solutions from A to Z.

"In terms of stimulating progress, we will keep innovating as an organization. We look to continue surprising our customers, partners and EV drivers with solutions  that will be future proof, reliable and easy to use."

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About EVBox 

EVBox is the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. With an installed base of over 60,000 charging points across more than 45 countries worldwide, EVBox drives sustainable mobility, by bringing durable electric vehicle charging solutions to the world. EVBox has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Oslo, Milton Keynes, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Bordeaux, New York and Los Angeles. Since March 2017, EVBox is a part of ENGIE.


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