EYSA Acquires Net4things, A Leading Company In Spain In Technology For Managing Connected Vehicle Data

This Acquisition Enables The Group To Offer A New Solution For Road User Charge (Ruc) Of Infrastructure And Pollution In Spain Through Connected Vehicle Data.

- Madrid, Spain
EYSA aquires Net4things

EYSA Group, a Spanish technology company dedicated to sustainable mobility management, has acquired the Spanish company Net4things, an applied technology company that, thanks to its massive data ingestion platform, XMP (cross-mobility-platform), enables the management of information from connected vehicles. This platform, combined with EYSA's capabilities, will enable, among other applications, pricing and charging for actual distance traveled, time spent within a restricted area, and/or actual pollution emitted.

Thanks to the real-time massive data ingestion technology developed by Net4things, in conjunction with EYSA's capabilities in managing urban and interurban roads, various administrations will be able to apply policies for restricting and/or controlling vehicle movements in specific areas, for example, by establishing an urban or interurban toll. This innovative technology can minimize investment in expensive elements of public road control, limiting the use of these elements to identifying offenders. Additionally, this technology will enable users to pay for city access through automatic procedures without human interaction. The combination of data from connected vehicles with data obtained from city traffic control and management devices represents a unique approach to dynamically optimizing traffic flow, resulting in reduced travel times and emissions of pollutants.

The XMP platform includes geolocation capabilities and dynamic administration of control regions (geo-fencing), allowing comprehensive management of different real-time data, detecting mobility patterns and trends. Thus, the supervisory body will be able to follow how mobility and the adoption of measures benefiting citizens evolve in real time while maintaining air quality.

With this operation, EYSA becomes a company capable of offering all 3 types of toll technology available in the world: Satellite toll, Multi-lane Free Flow, and Stop&GO Toll. EYSA's solutions become comprehensive, from installing equipment on roads to multi-concession and multi-highway comprehensive management systems (level 4 commercial and operational back office).

EYSA, in its role as a comprehensive mobility manager, aims to anticipate regulation and offer precise solutions for pay-per-use of infrastructure and emissions. Likewise, it positions itself as the perfect partner for municipalities, concessionaires, and companies in the transportation sector to fulfill their commitments to sustainable mobility, particularly regarding compliance with environmental standards.

According to Javier Delgado, CEO of EYSA, "this acquisition strengthens our capabilities in applications related to massive data ingestion and processing that enable AI-based applications to address mobility challenges and infrastructure usage fees globally."

Iván Pérez, EYSA's Strategy Director, comments along these lines: "the penetration of electric vehicles will generate a deficit of between 2% and 5% in OECD nations due to the fall in hydrocarbon taxes; these types of technologies allow the implementation of usage-based payment solutions that facilitate regions and countries to maintain or accelerate their sustainability policies without suffering financial imbalances by introducing measures for actual usage payment of their infrastructure."

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Since 1976, EYSA has specialized in facilitating regulatory changes affecting mobility and infrastructure. EYSA serves public bodies, local and regional governments, as well as national transportation authorities.

The EYSA Group develops and operates high-performance solutions to address the main challenges of urban and interurban mobility infrastructure management in more than 350 cities across 28 countries on 4 continents.

EYSA's business model adds value to clients through the design, development, investment or financing, implementation, and management of mobility solutions, as well as assuming operational and demand risk where applicable.

Among the Group's solutions are regulated parking control and management in cities, city access control systems, implementation and management of low emission zones, implementation of road safety and urban traffic systems, management of off-street parking such as airports, hospitals, and transportation infrastructures, interurban traffic management systems, intelligent toll systems, and support in tax, fee, and fine management and collection.



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