Smart parking solution for the city of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Joint effort between Worldsensing, Q-Free and Fastprk

World Sensing Parking App

Through its partner, Q-free. Worldsensing has installed 51 Fastprk sensors in the city of Ljubljana (Slovenia). These sensors, installed in each parking space of Cigaletova Ulica Rd in the center of the city, send continuous information to a single gateway, which is connected to the Internet for real-time data transmission.

Ljubljana wants to be a green city. A driver on average currently spends 20 to 40 minutes a day searching for a parking space. This is not only a waste of time and a reason for frustration, but it also impacts the environment negatively. Traffic jams, noise and increased CO2 emissions are just a few of the many negative consequences.

Worldsensing’s Smart Parking solution makes a significant contribution to reducing congestion in the areas where it has been deployed, helping to create a greener city.

Our Smart Parking solution also allows the city to monitor and manage the parking spaces 24/7, obtaining real-time occupancy information and correlating it with payment information.

The system informs drivers where to find vacant parking spaces via smart phones or electronic street panels.

The Fastprk Mobile App is free, available for Android and iOS devices, easy to use, reduces search times by between 35-60% and also facilitates payment via smartphones.

About WorldsensingWorldsensing

Worldsensing is a technological company founded by four engineers: Ignasi Vilajosana, Xavier Vilajosana, Jordi Llosa and Mischa Döhler. Created in 2008 in Barcelona, it has offices in Barcelona and London and it has already become a referent within Smart City and IoT sectors, holding projects in 14 countries and counting on a team of 40 highly qualified employees. Worldsensing revolutionises traffic management and the industrial world through solutions based on wireless sensored networks allowing detection and data capture in real time.

On one hand, its Traffic Division holds a unique traffic management portfolio for Smart Cities that includes Bitcarrier, a real-time traffic management solution, and its smart parking system Fastprk, holding the iconic project that transformed Moscow into a smart city (end of 2013) by deploying more than 12,000 parking sensors. On the other hand, its Industrial Division offers wireless monitoring solutions for civil infrastructures by deploying Loadsensing and by launching Spidernano, one of the world’s most advanced seismic acquisition systems.


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